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The common fan has been without an affordable online option to buy athletic apparel for years. Sites for places like Bradlee’s, Ames, Caldor, etc. are all over priced. Times have changed, welcome to the future of shopping. BJBSJ has come up with engaging and innovative designs for our new line of apparel. We proudly present:

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Who doesn’t love sweatshirts right? We used a wicked cool font on this one. It looks sporty right? And hey you can wear it at any game and root for both teams! I think the expression comes from a movie name with Kiefer Sutherland, the Dances With Wolves guy.
How does any company on the world wide web survive these days? Through Venmo of course and maybe a trust fund. How’s a gal supposed to “work” by travelling and shopping without this critical funding. We added the dollar sign as a friendly reminder to send money now. Please send it. Really please send it asap.
I know I know the Evil Empire, but I have to pay my respects to the dreaded Yankees. It was in 1986 when they broke our hearts at Yankee Stadium. Ray Knight hit a home run or something I think.
I don’t think anyone appreciated this obscure player until I pointed him out. This is our f@%&*ng town!
Symbols and a baseball. If only it was on an instagram wall on Newbury Street.
I’m the biggest Red Socks fan ever. Remember the 1916 curse? Gone! I’m still really wicked mad at them for sucking this year but the Revenge Tour will carry on!
Yay sports! Or just sport if you like only one. This is top quality folks.
Each word was meticulously placed on separate lines to convey the power of the new brand. Breathtaking.
Hold the phone fashionistas! This premium crew neck t-shirt is only $80 plus shipping. Perfect for any true sports fan!
(shipping not included)
Just a friendly reminder to keep sending money. Print out this picture and make your own Instagram wall!

Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 9/17

That was the year everything changed, you know.

So Yaz’s grandson (and the rest of his team) is coming to Fenway Park? Are tickets still available?

BC football faces another test against Rutgers, who are thus far unbeaten at home.

Sad to hear of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ric Ocasek’s passing. He did Boston proud.

Is Derek Jeter now the GM of the Miami Dolphins?

I hope Brian Flores understood it was nothing personal, just a full 60 minutes of business.

Glad to see Brando Carlo will remain a Bruin for at least the next two years.

I saw a cloud shaped like an ottoman during Steve McNair’s jersey number retirement ceremony.

So I’m watching that Top 100 NFL Plays show, and Kobe Bryant is an Eagles fan? That makes sense.

Let’s don’t downplay Isaiah Wynn’s turf toe, that is nothing to be trifled with.

I can’t find Joe Biden: Teenaged Lifeguard anywhere on the new fall TV schedule.

Cris Collinsworth really, really likes saying Jim Schwartz’s name.

It must be terribly frustrating for David Ortiz not to know why he was shot. I hope his investigators get to the bottom of things.

I think my favorite Team X was the San Diego Chargers that one, or possible two times.

Cakes are cooking for Maurice Hurst, Jimmie Johnson, and Alexander Ovechkin.

This business of calling long easy passes ”dimes”, like assists in the NBA? I don’t like it and will write my congressmen about stopping it.

Jets and Dolphins not helping to disprove ‘The AFC East is terrible!’ storyline so far this season.

Grand Theft Klemko’s SI piece could potentially blow the doors off the heretofore hidden culture of entitled, semi-psychotic professional athletes!

Despite my best efforts, gruse keeps bringing me down.

I’m not almost a coach, but trading away depth seems like a bad idea. Or possibly a contrived hot take. Shrug.

I don’t care that they’re on different networks and made by different production companies; I want a Bluff City Law/Stumptown crossover event in 2020.

Not sure if there is documentation to back me up, but it feels like the Red Sox games ran particularly long this season.

Honk if you remember Whalom Park.

The NY tabloids must be workshopping ‘Falk’ back page headlines right this very minute.

Get well soon, all you injured NFL quarterbacks.

Best bet for the weekend: big crowds for the Sugar Ray concert at the Big E.


Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer: Emergency All-AB Edition

Stuff heard around the water cooler.

compiled by the BJBSJ interns.

I question the timing.

NB: This could be hopelessly out of date by the time of publication.

And also: The official BJBSJ position is that sexual assault is bad.

Whatever happens, this is going to be one hell of an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Ripped from the headlines!

I’m guessing Antonio didn’t major in English at Central Michigan. Maybe Creative Writing?

And on-subject; those incoherent messages must make English teachers long for that ‘We Ready. We Ready. We Ready, For Y’all’ NFL promo song.

Why are no wokeness points being awarded for ostensibly irredeemably raaaaacist Boston sports fans closing ranks around AB? Intersectionality is hard.

Ew, I just called him ‘AB.’ I need a shower. Kind of like the trainer lady! (rimshot)

If Brown *did* stay at Tom’s house, he probably had to sleep on the couch brother-in-law Youk sweated through last visit.

Clearly this case needs to be removed to fanboy Judge Berman’s court.

Let’s not lose sight of the real three time victim here: everyone who drafted Brown in their Fantasy Football Leagues.

And no, considering the team’s history with false accusations and being pilloried in the ‘court of public opinion’, it’s not hypocrisy for Patriots fans to give Brown the benefit of the doubt.

It’s dismaying how many long-time Patriots fans who joined Twitter in September 2019 have decided signing Antonio Brown is the final straw in their enjoyment of watching ‘their’ team.

At least NE fans can take comfort that all the other fans calling for AB to be suspended (or worse) are doing so exclusively because of a sincerely held legitimate concern that justice be done. What?

Yes, media guy, Bill was going to break with tradition and answer *your* question about Antonio Brown’s off-the-field activity prior to his becoming a Patriots player.

But man, for 17 hours or so, it was like January 2002 all over again.

I’m legit curious how the Minifans are going to connect this to Murchison.

OK, I’m going to say it; Pittsburgh needed an Easterby.

You have to wonder if Antonio Brown learned this allegedly disgusting behavior from T**mp. What other explanation is there?

Thanks for all the much needed updates as to Brown’s uniform number and locker placement.

A lot of ‘NE doesn’t have to have AB active to win in Miami! 77-0! Cakewalk!’ predictions going around for Sunday’s game. Makes me uneasy.

Did New England even *need* another 5’10” receiver?

It’s too bad former Patriots Dave Meggitt and Kellen Winslow II are unavailable for comment.

I’m starting to think this AB is an odd cat. How ’bout you?

Not so odd that he feels the need to add ‘Sr’, to his name on the back of his jersey, but still.

Well, if New England manages to win some games despite the distractions provided by Antonio Brown, the rest of the league will finally have no choice but to admit grudging respect for the team.


Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 9/11

The only AB we should be thinking about on this day is Ace Bailey.

Rather polite of the weather to turn fall-like just at the start of football season.

I’m going to be honest, when tweets and emails started going out about ‘Dumbo’ being fired, I thought something happened to Andy Hart.

A quarterfinals elimination loss by Team USA to France in the FIBA World Cup? Sacre bleu!

You know what; I’m starting to think the baseballs are juiced this season. I am!

Kind of short-sighted by HOK Sport to have designed Gillette Stadium with so little planned space for championship banners.

Pa says winnin’ the AL East four years in a row is for showoffs.

If the Patriots defense insists on holding opponents to only 3 points a game..PTT!

Bruins set to report to Training Camp tomorrow. Stick tap to that.

Cakes are cooking for Mickey Hart, Leslie Visser, and Ludacris.

Woke Twitter can’t be happy the the Patriots decided to keep Gunner Arfifteenski, or whoever.

Are there two Doyle’s in JP? Because they can’t be closing the one I’m thinking of.

Bill O’ Brien is in his sixth season as HC of the HT? Whoa.

Using a gunshot victim as a human shield is a bad look, Red Sox.

Was that a 58 yard dink, or a 58 yard dunk from Brady on the TD pass to Dorsett? Asking for a friend.

That Bud Light king guy is a jerk. His kingdom needs a Cromwell. IMO.

And how about that college football game, eh? Wow!

My moles are telling me the last person finally got onto Route One from Lot P2 at Gillette.

Alls I’m saying is a lady GM for the Red Sox might be a direction to go, for reasons.

Burger King describing their Pretend Whopper or whatever as being made ‘from plants’ just sounds weird to my ears.

Vic Fangio must have thought he had the ‘New NFL head coach who’s name sounds like a mafia figure’ title sewn up, until Freddie Kitchens was hired two days later.

The new PGA Tour starts (checks notes) tomorrow? Can that be right?

This just in; Mike Lynch and Andrew Luck are still retired.

We know why 98.5 The Sports Hub Employees are bringing up 19-0 talk, and we don’t like it.

Dogs sure do seem to like roast beef. They really do.

Clay Buchholz will pitch against the Red Sox for the first time tomorrow. It’s enough to make one long for the time when the worst thing a local athlete could be accused of was stealing a mess of laptop computers.

A trade with the Jets? Now I’ve seen it all!

Honk if you remember Jim McCarthy on the Sports Huddle.

Best bet for this weekend: Brian Flores not getting his ‘Good For One Free Win Against Bill Belichick’ card punched, unlike Coach Matt and Coach Vrabes last season.


Broken BlueCheckmarks Bulletin – Antonio Brown Edition: Part 1

Those 11 words were the catalyst of what will forever be known to the Patriot fanbase as the #BlueCheckMeltdown day. September 7th, 2019. The day the Patriots officially broke NFL Twitter and their souls collectively. No matter how you may feel that this lightning rod of a wide receiver named Antonio Brown will be wearing the Flying Elvis circa 9/9/2019, the endless supply of butthurt will give you life parallel to photosynthesis on plants. Now it is quite predictable and understandable that layman fans would have a problem with this, and even try to play Moulder & Scully on the Interwebz by insinuating foul play on the part of the Patriots and AB. But it is quite another thing to see people who are being monetarily compensated to report sports news (and be unbiased) absolutely lose their fucking shit over this story. So come with me down the Blue Brick Road of Tears and grab your umbrella and ponchos. This is gonna be a bumpy ride.

Hmmmm…interesting. (hi, TennisBallHead Volin) This sure sounds like he’s accusing the Patriots of a major rules violation…he must certainly be able to provide some proof of tampering, you know being such a Big J Journalist. Oh, he can’t? Never mind.

Dead serious here: you think he wrote this Tweet to promote his podcast that nobody listens to? Oh wait! Here’s the answer!

ABP. Always. Be. Promotin’.

Image result for think of the children gif

Because if there’s one thing we all know, it’s that athletes are our only role models in society. I wonder what Mr. Antennas-For-Ears thought about Tyreek Hill getting an expension from the Chiefs? Or Kareem Hunt getting swooped up by the Browns? I’d say if your kids are in any way affected by a grown man on the teevee, you suck at parenting. That was my Dr. Phil moment of the day.

Ahh, this one is a gem. The NY Rag certainly isn’t one to hide their disdain for all things red, silver and blue. Deserve hell sounds something out of an M. Night Shamacrap movie. Not a lot else to be happy about in The City That Needs To Go To Sleep. For example…


Local sports man who gets 5 minute segment towards the end of local newscast has thoughts on things. Are you pretty much irrelevant on a national scale? Need some attention? Just talk about the Patriots! It’s a winning formula to get you the clickz ‘n viewz you need to get your 3 seconds of “fame”.

Last one for this edition (that’s right, there are so many brains that have been broken by this saga that this will be a 2, maybe 3 parter, watch this space). And this one comes to us for Mr. Preacher of the Church of Holier-Than-Thou, Tony Dungy.

A guy who hates people of another sexual orientation (one that his own son happened to be which may have been the cause of his untimely death) is telling the general public about AB. The same guy who had a WR on his team who was a drug kingpin, and a murderer. What a sanctimonious fraud. Everything he says is hypocritical trash.

That’s all for now. The Bulletin is now turning into an anthology. More crazy Tweets to come!


Welcome Back Students!

Welcome back to all the college and university students! And a particular welcome to out new crop of student interns, both in the Greater Boston area and elsewhere:

Liv M. Alberici – ’22 Northeastern University

Ericka Blair – ’21 Hillsdale College

Charlie Bogle – ’22 Boston University

Nathalie H. Bumppo – ’22 Wyoming State University

Zoila Castillo – ’22 Liberty University

Roscoe Conklin – ’22 Bob Jones University

Willis F.X. Coutu – ’21 Connecticut School of Broadcasting

Madison Anne Daudelin – ’22 University of Waterloo

Adam Dzodocz – ’22 Liberty University

Dana Enfield-Prescott – ’21 Boston College

Jocko D. Fergus – ’21 Grambling State University

Jonatha Firestone – ’22 Emerson College

Talbott Kibbe – ’22 Bob Jones University

Barrold Mudge – ’21 Bunker Hill Community College

Gilbert Q. Threepwood – ’22 Framingham State University

We hope to learn as much from you, as you do from us. Remember: Knowledge Is Good.


Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 9/4

Get back to school. But always remember; no moving trucks allowed on Storrow Drive.

Take a bow, Boston College Eagles.

It’s nonsense the NFL gifted the Bears & Packers the Thursday Night game instead of the Super Bowl Champions.

Enshrinement Weekend at the Basketball Hall of Fame won’t be the same without Coach Bill Fitch being in attendance. His presenter Larry Bird will be there, though.

Bruins captain’s practices? Yes: Bruins captain’s practices.

Has anyone besides me noticed that the Indianapolis Colts now have *two* former Patriots QB’s on their roster?

I’m starting to believe it’s true: you CAN never have too much pitching.

Raise your hand if you knew there was a ‘New Englander of the Year’ Award prior to learning Jerry Remy is a 2019 recipient. Thought so.

I was not offended by the Publix Hurricane Cake. Just wasn’t.

You take it easy on that sprained ankle, Jayson Tatum.

23-0 is still in play. Just sayin’.

I’m not sure what the Orange Theory is.

Rick Porcello has had a home run ball problem this season. There; I said it.

UMass Football is the Seinfeld Rental Car Agent of taking the lead.

Cakes are cooking for Valerie Perrine, Steve Jones, and Shaun White.

Yes; it’s too early to proclaim N’Keal Harry another Patriots first round bust due to injury.

Valerie Harper probably never heard of Wally Pipp.

Know this: Applebee’s owns riblets.

The Kansas City Chiefs seem the franchise most likely to want to end the ‘introduced as a team’ precedent in the Super Bowl.

I suppose if you lose to Auburn you can still stay in the top 25, Oregon. But don’t make a habit of it.

Rest in peace, Fastest Women on Four Wheels Jessi Combs.

Prediction: Do Your Job III will be better than the America’s Game about the 2018 Patriots.

Honk if you remember the Scotch ‘n Sirloin.

Congratulations on making the 53 man roster to Gunner Olszewski, late of Bemidji State University, which any college hockey fan knows is located in Minnesota.

Willie ‘Slim’ McCoy from south Alabama deserved his own Jim Croce song.

Nobody seems to want that last AL Wild Card spot.

Jerry paying Zeke just saved the season for millions of fantasy football team owners.

Best bet for the weekend? TV’s tuned to the unveiling of Banner #6.


Another Holiday Weekend Public Service Announcement

As we head into this Labor Day Weekend, take care not to fall victim to one of the classic blunders, the most famous of which is;

Never get involved in a land war in Asia. Slightly less well known is;

Never go in against a Sicilian, when death is on the line, and the blunder that should concern you;

Never get yourself arrested during a three-day weekend. Let’s be safe out there.


Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 8/28

Enjoy your stay at the BJBSJ beach house. Keep off the dunes.

It was a successful Players Weekend for the Red Sox, for once.

Don’t forget, it’s preseason for the public address system pumped-in crowd noise employees in Indianapolis, too.

Does anyone know how long the resumed rain delay game vs. Kansas City lasted?

Will the sequel to ‘Suck for Luck’ be ‘Two and Fourteen for Tua’?

Cakes are cooking for Peter Stormare, Jim Thome and Alex Lifeson.

Not a fan of Eric Reid.

Good work River Ridge, Louisiana winning the LLWS. USA! USA! USA!

The practice squad serves a purpose other than a place to stash players, yes?

You know, that Novak Djokovic has some big serves.

I just hope the Yankees win 109 regular season games, to help their devastated fans recover.

Yes, Coach Belichick had *no idea* Andrew Luck retired. That’s clearly what he said. No wonder he holds the media in such disdain.

Say what you will about Pete Sheppard; he would always let you borrow a ladder.

The Dolphins should always play in Foxboro in September, and always host the Patriots in December. How tough is that to understand?

Mexican President Portnoy’s non-response to the Ben Allbright flensing proves he’s the second most insecure successful person in the United States.

Gosh darn it Ted Johnson, you were supposed to remind me to DVR the VMA’s!

I can’t believe I wasn’t able to reserve the BJBSJ Beach House for the holiday weekend.

I’m considering taking up smoking. Does anyone know if there’s a podcast that rates the draw and flavor of various brands of cigarettes?

Kyle Van Noy has all the right enemies.

They couldn’t make Slap Shot today, what with political correctness. That, and Paul Newman being dead.

It’s too early for big bags of Halloween candy to be in stores. There; I said it.

Gronk! CBD’s! It’s funny because he has pain issues!

You can have the Butter and Sugar corn. I’ll take the Silver Queen.

JBJ’s monstrous 478 ft. home run in Coors just underscores how nonsensical Mantle’s “565 ft” homer is.

Time to watch out for school buses again.

Honk if you remember Downtown Crossing.

Anyone ever stood like an idiot with your hands under a public restroom faucet before realizing the water wasn’t sensor activated? No? Uh, yeah. Me neither.

This just in: Mike Lynch is still retired.

Best bet for the weekend: ice cream.


Another Pelt on the Wall