Ty Law elected to Hall of Fame, despite hack Ron Borges presenting his case

Congratulations to Ty Law for being elected. The news was first reported by Pats Maven (best Patriots coverage in the business.) Anybody who watched Law play can attest that it’s well deserved. Ty received enough votes, even though former Boston Herald scrub Ron Borges was the one who presented his case to the panel of voters. Ty’s case was one that even Borges couldn’t screw up.

Richard Seymour’s candidacy, however, was not able to endure being brought down by Borges. Seymour’s resume is certainly hall of fame worthy, but having a guy who went after the Patriots’ organization for drafting him as his ambassador surely did not work out in his favor.

Also, it was interesting to see the official Pro Football Hall of Fame account tweeting this:

Apparently they don’t know he was fired by the Herald for fabricating a story? BJBSJ has learned through a source that Borges works for something called Football Maven, which may or may not be a made up website. Hopefully the Hall of Fame committee wakes up and appoints a credible journalist in his place by this time next year.


Author: Patches

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