A Grand milestone is at hand for BSJ Wizard @GregABedard

If there’s more energy than usual coming from the Boston Sports Journal’s Greg Bedard this week, it’s easy to understand why. Curiously, it’s not because he’s approaching #BSJ10K with the runaway momentum of a Super Bowl drive led by Jared Goff:

In case you haven’t noticed – and judging from the subscriber numbers, you haven’t…

It’s not because he’s excited about starting research for the NFL Draft:

Almost-A-Coach Greg was right: the draft isn’t his beat. Since he’s always looking to humbly serve his subscribers, Bedard embarked on Nationwide Search to find a draft expert, sparing all expense.

Anytime you can lock up a Mashpee School teacher and pass him off your draft expert, you gotta do it. Vetting and hiring Mike Loyko took less time than Cosmo Kramer’s Cafe Latte settlement negotiations. The cap-friendly Loyko plugged away at BSJ for several months, churning out forgettable, lukewarm takez until shockingly, flaws were found in Almost-An-HR Rep Bedard’s hiring practices.

#LoyKKKoGate caused some bad opticz for the BS Jourinal.


Don’t worry, everyone: Almost-A-Damage Control Expert was going to control the message:

The World Series ended 99 days ago. What has Bedard done since then? He’s proven to be adept pointing the finger at others and making himself the victim:

Bedard has to be under consideration for NAACP Man of the Year for the levels of humility and remorse demonstrated after the Loyko revelations.

It’s not easy as one would think to investigate a racist working under your banner. He sent an email to Twitter support, caller – what else do you want him to do?

Hell, I’m just an anonymous Twitter user – one he spent more time and resources (sending multiple emails, dozens of tweets, and having colleagues report to Twitter) getting the @AlmostACoach parody account suspended than he did looking into a racist homophobe in his employ.

All this because Almost-A-Coach Bedard abhors anonymity.

Wait, now hearing that’s wrong – anonymous sources are wrong, unless he can use them to pimp clickbait for his website, like when trampolining off the bullshit Seth Wickersham story about discord in Foxboro last summer. And Lord knows, the New England fell apart in the 2018 season due to offseason dramatics:

Tomorrow is #LoyKKKoGate Day 100. If you’re not blocked – and yes, I am – why not take to your Anonymous Twitter accounts and ask Bedard where his investigation stands? I’m going to take a wild guess that the “A” in “@GregABedard doesn’t stand for accountability.

At all.


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