Mediot In Focus: “Big” Jim Murray

Does Big Jim blow anyone? I’m Just Asking The Question, caller.

Boston mediots tend to fall into three categories: The colossally stupid, the willfully ignorant, and the utterly worthless. Throw in an over-sized ego and bloated sense of self-worth, and it’s more plain than Felger’s dye job:

Jim Murray’s a five-toolbag mediot that checks all the boxes.

It’s not easy to be the dumbest person on a radio show that features Mensa Mazz and Jimmy Stewart, but Murray pulls it off. A takez-flinging dullard whose spiritual Godfather is Pete Sheppard, Murray has a lower profile at 985 than Jon Wallach. Did you see anyone carrying a MURRAY HEAD around at the Patriots parade, caller? DID YOU? DID YOU?

WALLACH HEAD – actual size

The suits at 985 The SportzKlan did throw Large Gym’s ego a bone, creating a doll with eyes nearly as vacant as the man himself.

Big Gym Murray Doll – Actual Size Intellect

Sources tell #BJBSJ that Murray is biding his time until (a) the big Pandora voiceover money starts rolling in or (b) Jimmy Stewart is taken in for questioning regarding missing felines at MSPCA locations near the Town Fair Tire Studios.

Also, Big Gym hates your children.

90 seconds, no commercials, Big Gym wants your kids to sleep with the fishes. 

If you’re stuck under something heavier than Marc Bertrand and aren’t able to turn the station, remember when listening to F&M that Mazz, Stewart and Large Gym are employed because Felger believes in the Law of Thornton Melon: “If you wanna look smart, you hang out with dumb people.”

The Law of Thornton Melon lives as the 985 Peter Principle.

90 seconds, no commercials, Murray makes plans for a sleeve of tattoos featuring dead children of callers who disagree with him. Our long, commercial free segment is next!


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