Why is Human Trashbag John Tomase still a thing?


How the hell is this turd Tomase on the air talking Patriots this morning?

Usually when you commit gross malpractice, you’re banished from your profession. But not in Boston.

Nope. Don’t chase down a rumor because you desperately want it to be true? Well, you’ll have to take your lumps for a couple of days and then you’ll be moved to the Red Sox beat.

Then, after a few years your pal Rob Bradford will notice the half assed manner in which you do your job and offer you a hand up at WEEI. You’ll be touted as a rising star by management and no one who’s on air will be allowed to call out that you’re a disgrace.

It’s the same logic that allows Ron Borges to be a presenter and voter for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, representing the Boston pro football writers, even though he lost his job at the Boston Herald because he fabricated a story about Tom Brady holding out. Every time you think they’ve hit bottom, they go deeper.

Mercifully, thanks to the ongoing ratings plummet, WEEI will have to switch to a new country format or something equally terrible and Jon Tomase will once again be looking for an undeserved hand up and another prominent position that shoves his continuing disgrace in front of us, flaunting the contempt the media has for its audience.

Can’t wait.


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