Hate The Player, Not The Game

There’s a consistent, concerning pattern at 98.5 The Sports Hub, and it lines up perfectly with the station’s incessant trashing of Boston athletes.

Host and producers refuse to say the name of individual athletes, instead opting for the impersonal moniker “The Player.” It happens far too frequently to be coincidental. There are examples of hosts, producers, and whatever Dan Lifshatz does all participating in the behavior.

The Source Man Lifshatz at it again, “quoting someone in an organization”
Just say his name!

One fan called out Big Jim Murray on-air for his habit of dehumanizing athletes, particularly Sony Michel and Cordarrelle Patterson. He became visibly incensed and began to attack the caller:

Cordarrelle Patterson has been a typical target of 98.5. The derision in Murray’s voice is disgusting, especially when you think about how he doesn’t have the guts to call his targets out by name.

“The running back.” “This player.” Is he not worthy of being called by his name, Sports Hub?

The overall pattern of athlete dehumanization that the Sports Hub exhibits is nothing short of disgraceful. They pick targets (like Patterson) and then throw verbal barbs (a lot of times with a barely-coded racist tone) day after day for months. They think they always have an out because they didn’t call out The Player by name, but we at BJBSJ can see through that. We will always be here to expose the petty, divisive, and downright abusive behavior that is all too common in the Boston sports media landscape.


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