Useless media member of the week: Ben Volin

For our introductory dive into shallow waters that is the media cesspool, I thought of no one better to showcase than Ben Volin. Ben is a native of Montgomery County, Md., graduated from Emory University in 2004 and got an MBA from the University of Florida in 2010 according to his Boston Globe bio. Before joining The Globe in 2013, Ben spent eight years with the Palm Beach Post, mostly covering the Miami Dolphins. Ok, enough boring shit about Ben lets get to good stuff.

Trollin’ Volin is as much as a troll as he is dumb. Carving a niche by trolling Patriots fans because in reality he has nothing else to offer. Simple Ben, despite working for the largest newspaper in the city of the most successful NFL franchise, really provides no value to the consumer. He breaks no stories of note worthy, doesnt breakdown any film or play on the field and is not an insider. You have to wonder what the baseball paper is thinking keeping him around.

My two favorite Mittens hot takez have come in the past calendar year: Patriots should’ve franchise tagged Jimmy Garoppolo and kept him for 2018 as the most expensive back up quarterback of all time and the Patriots should’ve cut Brandin Cooks if he didn’t take a team player deal.

As far as Garoppolo, little Benny actually breaks down a way the Patriots technically could have kept both dream boat quarterbacks under the salary cap here:

Ah yes Ben with the ol’ “They’ll figure it out” break down that really captivates the reader and don’t forget the loss of several key players without a plan to replace them. How has no team brought him run a team yet?

As for Cooks, Ben wrote early last off season:

As we all know, the Patriots eventually traded Cooks to the Rams for the 23rd overall pick in the 2018 draft. Not exactly the same as cutting him for nothing but didn’t stop Benji from taking a victory lap when the deal was announced.

Total vindication! Not exactly Ben, but let’s not let facts get in the way of take self congratulatory tweet on a early spring morning. I look forward to what team building moves Mittens has in store for the newly crowned champions this off season. Whatever it is I’m sure the team will do the complete opposite and magically be competitive in 2019.

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2 thoughts on “Useless media member of the week: Ben Volin

  1. It’s nice to ridicule Volin’s half-formed football takes, as there are plenty to choose from. Don’t forget, though, his more insidious stories on the Patriots.

    In 2016, Patriots linebacker Darius Fleming rescued a woman from car crash, pulling her from the vehicle as it began to smoke. In any other city, this would be seen as a positive story. Volin, though, was unable (somehow) to get confirmation of the crash and claimed Fleming made the story up. This put him in the same company as Deadspin and TMZ. Walpole police then released the accident report, which corroborated the story Fleming had told, leading to an apology from Volin.

    In 2015, AEI released an analysis that was critical of Exponent and the conclusion they reached at the request of the NFL. Volin’s initial reaction was to point out that the Kraft Foundation was a corporate sponsor of AEI, intimating that Bob Kraft had arranged for AEI to do their work. Volin then learned that it’s possible for two unrelated people to have the same last name. It turned out that the Kraft Foundation has nothing to do with Bob Kraft, his paper company or the Patriots. A minute or two of research would have made this clear to the Globe reporter, but that would have gotten in the way of being critical of the Patriots.

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