WEEI’s Super Decline

Program Director Joe Zarbano is at the helm of WEEI.

Don Imus isn’t walking through that door, WEEI fans. Eddie Andelman’s not walking through that door, and Ted Sarandis isn’t walking through that door.

Grey and old Glenn Ordway and Dale Arnold walk through that door and into a WEEI studio daily, thanks to Program Director Joe Zarbano’s Operation Flux Capacitor, going back to the future while attempting to breathe life into SinkingShip.com with the Wheeze Kids.

In Joe Z’s defense, a future with Rich Teeth, Mike Mutnansky, Blackmailing Pissant Alex Reimer and Sexual Harassment Enthusiast Marc James would have any sane person diving for their Rolodex to see if The Fabulous Sports Babe’s flip-phone works. Sadly, Touchdown Twins Ron Hobson and Kevin Mannix won’t accept his calls.

Let’s look at Zarbano’s personnel decisions which has helped turn the one-time Number One Sports Station In America into the 2017 Browns:

AM Drive: Mut and Callahan

Gerry singlehandedly keeps the US Postal Service in business with bulk purchases of stamps, mailing it in. Mut’s charisma bypass surgery was a rousing success. When you turn to Libelist John Tomase and Alex Reimer for a boost, a Joe Zarbano/Hue Jackson comparison makes perfect sense.

BJBSJ Grade: -4.3

Middays: Dale and Keefe

What can be said about Dale that hasn’t been said about Wonder Bread? My heart goes out to him, because I suspect he wants to open a vein anytime Rich Teeth mentions the words, “Keefe’s Keys” or “Keefespiracies”. This show exists to ensure Marc Bertrand and Scott Zolak receive quarterly ratings bonuses.

BJBSJ Grade:  -1.5

PM Drive: Ordway, Merloni, and Fauria

Time to stoke up the Weiner Whiner Line!

The person happiest about Ordway’s return to WEEI? It had to be Mrs. Ordway, who got her attic back… Unfiltered. Modern Day Glenn’s ex-athlete on-air partners are Lou Merloni and Christian Fauria. Listeners are begging Zarbano to extend Operation Flux Capacitor to bring back Steve Nelson and Fred Smerlas to replace the IQ-challenged Merloni/Fauria combo.

Also, why is Fauria yelling at me?

BJBSJ Grade: -3.1

WEEI At Night

Entercom stockholders have proposed shutting down their 50,000 Watt transmitter after the 6pm Sports Flash in order to improve the content quality.

BJBSJ Grade: N/A

WEEI At Night: Don’t worry – no one’s listening anyways

What in the name of Mike Salk is Zarbano thinking?

At the end of the day, sportz radio consumers should root for WEEI to improve enough to have the despicable Felger, Massarotti, and Murray piss their pants and look over their shoulder. Is Joe Zarbano the person to do that?

I’ll tell you after this.

No. No, he’s not.


Author: IronheadBJBSJ

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  1. Wow like a Springsteen song you said everything I feel.
    However the OMF show is growing on me.
    Ok I admit I loved the Big Show.
    More and more turning to Serius XM

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