Defend the Wall? I Don’t Think So, Shoe Pisser!

Here at BJBSJ, we are an equal opportunity offender. Anyone can “get this smoke” as the kids say. And that includes those in the media who claim to be the biggest fans the world has ever seen. For those fans, as we have come to find out, are just shoe pissers with very large platforms and followings.

One of those happens to be Barstool Sports’ own (and formerly WEEI’s) Jerry Thornton. Just days after the Super Bowl he wrote an article proclaiming everyone else was wrong and HE was the only one who knew the team was capable all along.

I wouldn’t have been this braggadocious if I were him. Receipts exist for a reason, folks.


Get your umbrellas and ponchos ready folks because the forecast calls for a steady drowning in pee.

Oh no ladies and gentlemen, the storm isn’t over yet. Stay inside of your basements and grab shelter. This downpour is steady.


Ouch. Now, we aren’t doing this to bag on a Patriots fan. But this Patriots fan happens to still be cool with (and has had very cordial conversations online with) the Boston equivalent of the UniBomber and the guy who shot JR on “Dallas”. See for yourself.

Yes, John Tomase. The same John Tomase responsible for the entire galaxy thinking that the Patriots taped the Rams’ practices in 2001. A report that was reported on by Hannah Storm on ESPN a few years ago and thenΒ CORRECTED at 2AM the next morning. A report in which Eric Dickerson, Marshall Faulk and any other butthurt fan or player still sites TO THIS DAY. The same John Tomase who once claimed he doesn’t even watch football….

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We know that isn’t true. Or maybe it is. Who can tell the difference? But why play footsie and talk My Little Pony of all things with that guy? Here was his explanation on why he never said anything to him or about him during his tenure at WEEI.

img_20190208_2202166193293854893233484.jpgOn one hand that is a terrible thing to be shut out of any chance to confront the guy. Making a living and paying your bills is a mindset we all have to live by at one point or another. But your dignity has to be intact at the end of the day. You can’t be online beating your chest Tarzan style proclaiming yourself the “biggest defender of the wall” and then when the biggest test of them all comes along you swallow a shrink ray and become a mute. You can make money plenty of different ways. But “defending the wall” against the guy who is the reason there is even a need for a wall to be defended is priceless.

And then the shoe pissing during games doesn’t help matters either. It all seems disingenuous. And hypocritical. Oh well, time for another “S&^t Pats Fans Say: 2019 offseason Edition!”




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