Just how inept is Joe Zarbano?

There are questions that’ve been asked at least twice in New England: Who is Joe Zarbano, and where did he come from? Is he as stupid as he appears? Did he really hit on that hipster at the Super Bowl who hated his station?

Somehow after producing a failing midday show, Joe Zarbano stumbled his way into becoming program director at WEEI. At the point that transition happened it’s no secret that Minihane pulled all the strings at the station and Zarbano was PD in name only. As time passed Minihane’s struggles with his own mental wellness gave Zarbano the opportunity to fuck things up beyond repair, and boy did he. His first action was to promote mumble mouth Chris Chris Curtis and the nutless yes-man Ken Laird. His next move was amazingly even worse.

Zarbano has decided to push Mark (yes, that’s Mark with a “K”) James on to the masses. Don’t recognize the name? Well, after getting run out of one market after the other he was forced to change his name. Next he harassed the bejesus out of some young women and got himself suspended from NESN. Next he went on a bizarre tirade against people with mental health issues. He implied that the issues are the fault of the sufferer. Weird stance, considering Minihane’s status with the station. Next up, and most recently, Mark with a “K” got himself suspended AGAIN for what we were told was a near fist fight with a segment producer at NESN. He’s Zarbano‚Äôs guy though, and even if he’s terrible on radio (see: Phony Michel!) he’s not going anywhere.

What’s next for WEEI? BJBSJ has been told that you can expect more and more Jonbenet Reimer. Buckle up!



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