Today in Boston Media History: Wrong Borges Strikes Again

Last year marked ten years after the Boston Herald had to do some serious cleaning up after Tomase shat all over the Patriots.

Well a year ago today, they had to do the exact same thing regarding Ron Borges. Thanks to a kind citizen named “Nick in Boston”, he exchanged many texts with Borges claiming to be the agent of Jimmy Garoppolo and Tom Brady, Don Yee. These texts, seemingly very salacious for Borges, seemed to suggest that Brady would not show up to OTAs unless he got a contract similar to the one Garoppolo had signed earlier that week.

The story was written, the editors (?) approved it, and it was published. Unfortunately for them the story was debunked 3 ways to Sunday. Around 7:30 AM the next day the story was taken off of the website, but it was too late.

An apology followed:

A column by Ron Borges in today’s Herald regarding Patriot Tom Brady’s salary discussions was based on information which proved to be false.

The Herald apologizes to Brady, his agent Don Yee and the Patriots, and to our readers for this erroneous report.

Borges’ column has been suspended pending further review.

…and with it, Borges was never to be seen or heard from again.

Oh wait. He was heard from again. Just this past week voting on behalf of the Herald for the Pro Football HOF.

Happy 1 year anniversary, Ron!


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