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Hello fellow, Sports Hub — errr—- I mean sports fans. It’s me, Chard Finn, your most trusted sports media industry insider. I will leave no stone unturned in my journalistic journalism, because that’s what journalists do! We also care more than you about the issues that matter. Don’t believe me? Just wait. You’ll learn.

So, those WEEI Jackals were up to their usual antics. Racism and sexism and managerial issues means this station will be country 93.7 by fall. I do like that Richard Keefe though. He’s just got the “it” factor.

Minihane was disgusting as always. I’m working with Shirl on a piece that will expose him as using his mental health to his advantage and how weaponizing illness is problematic. We’re still ironing out the details but trust me when I tell you, the Globe is on it! It’s sure to be a Hohler in one!

Fans always ask, what’s the best year of Topps baseball cards? it’s undoubtedly 1987. The borders and photography are just breathtaking.

As far as 98.5 is concerned they were good citizens as always. The Felger & Mazz post show on Facebook is my favorite part of the day. They hate the Patriots and their fans almost as much as us at The Globe. Felger is so funny though. I love a well placed “cunt”, unless it’s from those cowards who write for #BJBSJ. Anyways, speaking of Felger, I will be attending the upcoming confirmation of Lovebug’s oldest on Sunday. The wood said I could attend the after party too. I guess you could say that ol Chard’s stock is-a-ris-ing! To the moon!

Thanks to old friend @SportyRMcKenzie for procuring the 100% authentic photographs for me.


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