At Last, A Boston Media Critic

The loathsome Boston media has been enabled and empowered for far too long. Whether it’s on radio, TV, or in print, the hubris and arrogance demonstrated by these mouth-breathing jackals is laughable. My theory – and I’m Just Asking The Question, caller – Where the hell is legitimate coverage of the media? Hot takez die in darkness, or something like that.

It’s a target rich environment, yet there’s no one in the mainstream covering this subject. Chad Finn doesn’t count because he’s the de-facto head of publicity for 98.5. Alex Reimer doesn’t count because he’s Alex Reimer. The print version of the Boston Herald is nothing more than a backup source of warmth for Mike Felcher when the napkins are gone.

Mike Felcher braves a brutally cold Nantucket summer.

The void has been filled – #BJBSJ has it first. Again.

We’ll relentlessly work to call out the worst of Boston mediots, exposing them to deserved scorn and ridicule. Want to keep trotting out a Libelist, WEEI? BJBSJ is on it. Felcher, Mazz, and Large Gym want to continue exposing their own stupidity, ignorance, and loathing for the audience? More content for BJBSJ. The Globe wants to keep pretending Shank Shaughnessy speaks for anyone but Shank Shaughnessy and The 3-2 Kid’s probation officer? BJBSJ is all over it.

Oops – I forgot Chad Finn works occasionally for The Globe as well, so I’ve ripped two of his employers. Chad’s response is forthcoming.

Boston Sports Media isn’t just a collection of dummies; it’s a crime family.

BJBSJ is a group of smart, funny, like-minded people who love Boston Sports but are disgusted by coverage of Boston Sports. Finally, there’s going to be documentation (receipts exist) and accountability for the worst and most offensive in media.

Bookmark us. Please keep checking us out. You won’t be disappointed.

At all.


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