Is Mut Mut Nansky as simple as he seems?

I didn’t want to write this. I really didn’t. Mut Mut seems harmless. He’s the dog who chases his tail and barks when his own farts startle his slumber. Even when he parrots the political zealotry of his cohost, it’s too inane to be taken seriously. He’s a parody account come to life, but it’s much more sad than humorous. On-air he has the personality of a deceased parakeet with the intelligence to match.

The truth of the matter is this is Joe Zambrano’s fault. I’m starting to believe that Zambrano is either a 98.5 operative at worst, or a country fan at best. There is a zero percent chance that the current morning show at WEEI survives. Industry outsiders believe WEEI will move to a country format by summer of 2020.

Perhaps the saddest part of this entire debacle is that Mut Mut is WEEI’s only hope for their morning show. Gerry could not mail it in anymore than he currently is. He may be located in Boston, but his mind is on retirement, staring out at The Pool. this leaves Mut Mut saddled with a libelist in John Tomase, and Reimer. I’m not even going to touch on Reimer yet, because there is too much to discuss, including black mail and hurling insults at toddlers.

Poor Mut Mut is in a losing situation and he’s too dumb to even see it. He has no clue. We’ve prayed for Dale. We’ve prayed for Dino. Please pray for Mut Mut.


Author: defnotgg


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