Mediot in Focus: Rich Keefe

Takez While He Rakes: The Rich Teeth Story

There are mediots, there are fucking mediots, and then there’s Rich Keefe.

Roughly a decade ago, programming savants at 985 couldn’t wait to get into the Rich Teeth business. Anytime you can lock up someone that lost an athleticish contest to a team led by Marc Bertrand, you gotta do it.

Teeth’s role at 985 was to play second fiddle to second-string takez flinger Adam Jones. Teeth succeeded in making Jonesy look smart, no small feat. Teeth did heavy lifting for Jonesy: pencils, coffee cups, and paper clips the Spindly-Armed one couldn’t budge.


Who wants to listen to Felcher and Mazz, But Dumber immediately following the real thing? The answer was resounding: not many. Ratingz for the Spindly-Arms and Teeth Show were abysmal, which meant one thing:

Joe Zarbano had to have Rich Teeth for the WEEI Ratings Tankathon.

A Night At The Takezbury was no more.

The unlamented Spindly Teeth show.

Inserted into the Dale & Holley show on afternoon drive two years ago, Teeth’s effect on WEEI’s Tankathon was immediate:

  • He drove Michael Holley away inside of a year, taking Holley’s salary off the books and providing much-needed cap relief for parent company Entercom.
The Teeth Tankathon was a rousing success.
  • The Dale and Keefe pairing proved magical – they made ratings disappear. Within five months, WEEI announced that Dale and Teeth would lose their PM drive spot, putting them in middays. Teeth Tankapalooza was snowballing quickly. Of course, Teeth handled #DemotionSZN with dignity.

Holley is gone. Gone too are Dale and Teeth’s ratings. The Former #1 Sports Station In America is in a death spiral. Joe Zarbano and Mark Hannon don’t have to worry about ratings bonuses. Entercom stock is soaring.

Can you say Rich Teeth’s role in WEEI’s Tankathon is a success?

Yup, yup.


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