Buck Buckley STINKS!

Let me take you back a bit, to when David Price, or PrISIS as the media would have you believe, got tired of the media trolling him and his teammates. He took a stand and told former Oakland A’s legend Dennis Eckersley & middling (and now unemployed) reporter Evan Drellich to pound sand. The media pushed their crusade on all fronts against PrISIS. Steve Buckley had enough. He demanded that fans stand up against PrISIS and boo him upon return from an extended stay on the DL. These are his words from his column in The Boston Herald

Now let’s review his reaction when his close friend Alex Reimer insulted a toddler (Vivian Brady) on-air, also in The Herald

In essence, it’s fine to talk shit to a toddler, but don’t you dare hold the media accountable for their shit stirring fuckery.

This icing on this shit cake is Buck trying to pretend like the issue wasn’t created by the media in his horrific column today.

I really really wanted to see The Athletic flourish in Boston, but with hacks like him on the payroll it is difficult to support. Buck Buckley STINKS!


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