Apology and Errata 2/16

Due to an unfortunate editing mishap, the lead paragraph of the Lifshatz exposé got frightened and went missing. It has since been located and restored to its rightful place. bJBsj regrets the error. All it does is cost us trustworthy-ness in the eyes of you, our readers. Lost trust leads to lost views, and lost clicks, and lost likes, and poor word-of-mouth reviews, something a nascent concern such as bjbSj can ill-afford. We are new at this, so please give us one, or perhaps two more chances. That’s all we ask. We intend to fill a void you didn’t even know existed, until our debut earlier this month. So stick with us; you won’t be disappointed. After all, you liked the comics, didn’t you? Yes; yes you did. And no doubt other things here as well. So let’s work at being better together. Thanks so very much.


Author: scartsybjbsj

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    1. I WILL contact a local anti-bullying advocate if these uncalled for aggressions continue. I will! I will!

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