Do you know who Marc(k) James is??? He’s on “NETWORK TV!!!”

Great Value Hot Taker and predator to Women everywhere Marc James on the set of NESN showing off his crappy cut because reasons.

Marc Benarzyk (wouldn’t YOU change your last name to James if you had one like that too?) has been suspended TWICE from NESN. The first time was because he was verbally shot down by a woman (probably not the first time for him) and proceeded to stalk her repeatedly.


There is nothing more pathetic than a X-list celebrity going “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??!” just to get a little somethin’-somethin’. Especially when he says this:


NESN is a local sports cable channel only available in the New England area or if you pay for a streaming service. Not exactly “NETWORK TV!!!”

BJBSJ had the exclusive on the next time Dollar Tree Takez Man was suspended.

Wonder if that producer happened to be of the opposite sex? He’s already been thrown around media markets like a trout in a Seattle fish market.

Unfortunately he was only suspended for a week in the first case. But that didn’t stop Joe and the boys over at WEEI from picking him up and giving him the mic. He fits in with Pissant Alex Reimer and all the other 2 bit jocks, so why not? Once he’s on the mic though, he says things like this:


Scumbag predator throwing smears at players and coaches? That’s the Boston sports media way! Don’t worry, you won’t find the audio anywhere. It’s probably scrubbed. Thanks Mr. Zambrano!


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