A tragic display of injustice

Sometimes, here at BJBSJ, we have to set our differences aside and stand up for what is right in this world. It’s not all fun and games in the world today. Many of us here at BJBSJ are not fans of the work being done at the Sports Hub, or any of the people there, for that matter. But today something terrible has happened to one of the gentleman who reads last night’s scores every hour.

This man, who goes by the name “Hardy” even though his real name is Rob Pool (or something like that, who cares?) has boarded a JetBlue flight and was informed that the televisions were not working. Does JetBlue think they can get away with this in today’s society? Do they think this is 2014 or something?

BJBSJ stands with “Hardy” and all of his fellow passengers. This is a total outrage. Until this is fixed, BJBSJ will be flying Delta, exclusively.

Your move, JetBlue.


Author: Patches

1 thought on “A tragic display of injustice

  1. Considering boycotting my own coverage of spring training this year, as the Red Sox play at JetBlue park.

    This situation needs to be resolved.

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