Entercom and WEEI consider drastic changes in management

If for some reason you’re not following BJBSJournal.com – and you should be – here’s some news:

#BJBSJ broke the news earlier that 985 is obliterating WEEI in the ratings. This was no secret to the suits at Entercom, who receive ratings weekly and are watching closely, ready to hit the EJECT button on program director Joe Zarbano.

Multiple industry insiders tell #BJBSJ that Zarbano’s ouster is imminent. As reported earlier today here: https://bjbsjournal.com/2019/02/17/january-ratings-are-in-and-most-are-tuning-weei-out/ – EEI is listing badly. The one-time Number One Sports Station In America can’t do a number one in any urinal outside of #BSJHQ in Medway. Two Sinking Ships of a Feather piss together. Obvi.

#BJBSJ will have continuing coverage, because that’s what we do. While Chard Finn sleeps, we’re gathering info.

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