BJBSJ Breaking News Exclusive: January Ratings are in, and most are tuning WEEI out

A source close to the situation has sent #BJBSJ January’s Arbitron numbers, and WEEI is in a free-fall.

Here’s the breakdown – in Men 25-54:

  • Toucher and Rich bested Mut & Callahan 11.4 to 8.3.
  • Zolak and Bertrand doubled up Dale and Keefe, posting a 15.9 to Tankapalooza’s 7.2.
  • Felcher and Mazz blew out the Washington Generals known as OMF, 16.4 to 6.3.

It gets worse for Sinking Ship Dot Com. Men 18-34:

  • Toucher and Zoinks 15.3, nearly four times better than Mut & the Mailman’s 3.9.
  • Zolak and Bertrand 20.0, destroying Dale and Keefe’s 4.5.

Here’s the kill shot – call the President, have him bring in the National Guard, because 985 is killing EEI:

  • Felcher & Mazz 20.6, routing the 1.3 posted by Ordway, Merloni and Fauria.

One. Point. Three. You’re telling me Glenn Ordway isn’t crushing the 18-34 demo? Shocking news.

Dean Wormer beckons, WEEI.


Author: IronheadBJBSJ

6 thoughts on “BJBSJ Breaking News Exclusive: January Ratings are in, and most are tuning WEEI out

  1. Mut and Callahan are lucky to be that high. They were forced to talk about the super bowl for a week, and now have to talk some baseball from spring training. Once they get back to talking about Gerry’s socks and Mut’s luggage, and Reimer screeching about Trump these numbers will be “the good old days.” I’m not a hater wishing they fail, I’m a very long time listener who’s heard the morning show go to crap. WEEI listened to market research that said everyone had to be an a-hole Kirk, a contrarian idiot Felger, or a giggling sports bro. And I have nothing personal against Reiner, I read his articles sometimes, but he’s an instant click for me. A human Kars4Kids commercial. Unlistenable.

  2. Mr. Zarbano,
    I have been texting you for weeks on end and pleading with you to stop subjecting your listeners to the likes of John Tomase, Alex Reimer, Dickerson, Marc James. They are all absolutely terrible! You need to add former New England Patriots to the line up. Hire Rob Nincovich and Steve DiOssie immediately. Put Rob with Mut and Gerry and Steve with Dale and Keefe. Then get Ordway to become a gentleman like Callahan and Dale Arnold. If Ordway doesn’t immediately conform DUMP him again. He is an ignorant bastard to his co hosts and to his callers.

  3. The truth is that it is the Red Sox who run WEEI. Last year’s success gave them power there and they are using it to make sure hosts on the station are either left wing morons like Reimer and Tomase or Red Sox fluffers like Merloni, Arnold, et al, or both. Zarbano is just a patsy trying to hold on to a job he is not qualified for.

  4. I pretty much despise WEEI because of its historical hostility toward the Bruins and hockey in general. That really works in a state where even girls high school hockey teams are commonplace. Does Gerry know that his alma mater, at one time John Calipari’s employer, draws bigger crowds for hockey than basketball? After all the years of lecturing by Ted Sarandis?

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