Adam Kaufman is the Most Boring Man Alive

Kudos to you for even bothering to read this. I have no idea why you’d bother. Just the name “Adam Kaufman” is known to cause fatigue in humans in the New England area. Amongst people that know him his nickname is literally “whitebread”. He’s that boring. What does Adam Kaufman even do, you ask? Thanks for asking, I’m about to get into that. But first let’s look at a goofy picture of him

Now back to the question….

What does “Whitebread” do?

To the best of my ability from what I can tell his primary job is to spends endless hours on Twitter stealing, rewording or rebranding other people’s tweets for likes and retweets. Our close friend and Weird Celtics Twitter icon “Is Janus” recently pointed this trend out as only he could

Look…..I’m falling asleep as I type this. Long story longer, Adam Kaufman brings nothing to the table. He’s a more boring version of Stool Greenie, who is valium in url form. All Kaufman does is regurgitate what others say. He’s Albert Breer, minus the cocaine. To the 4 readers who made it through this, thanks for your time.



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