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When we set out to create the region’s first pretend sports media investigative news organization, we envisioned it as a place that would strive for accuracy and accountability in a way that traditional media does not. This edict would even be codified in our charter, were we to have one. The sports media is terrible. We strive to be better than they are. And on the matter of the Boston sports radio January ratings: we have failed.

As background: BJBSJ receives dozens of tips per week from Twitter users, media members, and everyday citizens out in our communities. Unlike the traditional sports media, we don’t pretend to use multiple sources when there is only one. We’re fine with running a story with one rock solid source. If we write “sources” in the plural – we actually mean it. In this case, through through dogged investigation, we obtained the January numbers from one person. We were confident in the accuracy of the numbers. 

On Monday, we learned that the numbers were not accurate for the entire month of January. They were, in fact, only accurate for one week. Our source did not convey this to us when delivering the raw numbers – however, this person shouldn’t have needed to. We should have fact checked harder, probed deeper. Or, you know, looked at the motherfucking column headers to see that they were only for one motherfucking week and not the month. But we digress…

There is no “fake but accurate.” We were not “right at the time.” We know you have trusted us on such stories as the Edelman suspension and Scott Kacsmar and the magical disappearing racist tweets. And you trusted us here. We aren’t in this to win Pulitzers. We are here to afflict the perpetually stupid. You put your faith in us and perhaps it was not warranted. We aren’t going to do the “we will do better” nonsense that the Peter Kings of the world like to spout when they have been caught doing something stupid. We’ll likely screw up again. But going forward, we will always read the fucking column headers. 

To show our commitment to pretend local journalism, we have taken the drastic action of suspending The reporter @Ironhead334 for one week from column work, retroactive to the time of the post. You can trust that this will be as legitimate as Alex Reimer’s suspension after the pissant comments.

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