Not Letting Racism Get off Scott-Free

The days between the NFL’s conference championship games and the Super Bowl turn the sports media landscape into a desolate wasteland. The Pro Bowl sucks and everyone knows it, but writing about how much the Pro Bowl sucks is pointless because everyone knows it. In late January the NBA hasn’t even reached the All-Star Break. College football’s long gone. College hoops are somewhat interesting but there’s only so many ways you can write “ZION OMG” before it gets old. Spring Training hasn’t arrived, and until it does the baseball people are hunched over in a corner murmuring about problems with free agency and snarkily Tweeting about other sports.

Those dead days before the Big Game are wide open prey for anyone who wants them. In 2019, I’m proud to say that BJBSJ pounced.

Meanwhile, in some forgotten corner of Pittsburgh, where poorly-patched streets front peeled-paint houses, Ska Katsfart was doing some pouncing of his own. For several days in a row, this Football Outsider was click-clacking away at all hours of the night, engaged in a strange kind of warfare. Anyone that dared question his football claims was in danger.

I won’t go into detail about the content of his arguments that week because it is irrelevant to the story. His delivery of his claims was problematic, and those vicious barbs reflected a past pattern of behavior that was soon to be brought to light.

About a year or so ago, the Outsider verbally attacked a Twitter acquaintance of mine. The victim, who will only be referred to as the Rabbit, simply questioned the veracity of one of Mr. Kickball’s provocative claims. The football analyst and FiveThirtyEight contributor proceeded to tell Rabbit to “fist” himself. Twitter is a vulgar place, so the issue isn’t necessarily language; the real problem was a nationally-known writer lashing out at his critics with remarkable cruelty, and getting away with it. Other users have confirmed with me and my colleagues that they have been similarly treated by Kiksmall.

Flash forward to the final days of January 2019.

In the midst of Karsmack’s days-long jihad against anonymous Twitter critics, BJBSJ’s investigative unit uncovered a racially-charged (if not straight up racist) Tweet he sent a few years ago. It wasn’t long until another problematic Tweet popped up. Then another.

This went on for about and hour or so. It doesn’t take very long to go into Twitter’s archive. This was anything but a planned out “smear” like he would later insist.

I’m positive that we discovered less than half of what was there before Kicksma decided to cleanse his feed. After compiling our findings, I released the racist Tweets to the public. My colleagues spread the story across Twitter, but several hours passed before it was picked up Robert Littal’s Black Sports Online.

Kokesmell and his employer gave no comment until late that night, when he posted an apology to his Twitter feed. Of course, by apology I mean that he said he was sorry anybody took offense to his Tweets, not for the Tweets themselves.

The “apology” wasn’t enough for Football Outsiders, either. On an El Paso radio station, Kankersore shared the news that he had been fired.

Soon, Awful Announcing had an article up. BJBSJ (“a news organization that doesn’t even have a website” according to Kedsmer) had broken the biggest media story of Super Bowl week. Please disregard the Minifans who say their idol had some kind of impact in Atlanta.

A day or two later, Kazmir penned a lengthy harangue against BJBSJ. He attempted to explain away every single Tweet that had been released to the public, but failed miserably. He even included the laughable assertion that the only reason people found his Tweets offensive was because they disagreed with his football opinions. The level of arrogance is simply astounding. I’m not going to link it because I want to spare you, dear reader, from having to see such a pathetic display. As appears to be his custom, he played the victim. Bitch, you wrote the Tweets, not me.


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