BJBSJ EXCLUSIVE: A Statement From The Suspended Correspondent

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In the spirit of BJBSJ’s desire to be fully accountable to our valuable members, I wanted to update you on something.

I am a BJBSJ freelancer – not a staff member or employee – and have been accused by an anonymous Twitter user of misreading a Boston radio ratings spreadsheet and reporting my findings as fact several days ago. BJBSJ takes this very seriously and obviously finds the alleged misdeed disgusting and vile with no place in a technologically literate society.

A BJBSJ liaison sent notice that I am suspended and have been enrolled in Mandatory Microsoft Sensitivity Training effective immediately.


A brief backstory: Late last week, and I was having a casual conversation with Boston mediots when someone I trust threw out the following tidbit.

“I heard Chard Finn filmed Arbitron’s final walkthrough before releasing January ratings”, he said.

Turns out he could not have been more wrong, and that’s something I’m going to have to live with for the rest of my lunch hour.

“Don’t worry,” one reporter friend said, “There’s no accountability anymore, so we can write what we want!”

“It’s just another story,” a radio talk show host helpfully offered. “You’ll come back from this. Had it been METCO ratings book, you surely would have fucked up reading those columns, too. They don’t know what’s in your heart.”

While I have no regrets over going to print a few days before final ratings were released, this is a story I could not afford to get wrong. At all.

I will aggressively investigate this as soon as time permits — I have already been in contact with some sources to begin to verify information — and will make a final determination wherever the facts take me and report back to you.

Unfortunately, due to travel and logistics, I can’t give an apology for this devastating leap of logic the attention it deserves until the World Series has concluded.

In keeping with BJBSJ’s undying commitment to Bradford/Zarbano management philosophies, look for a promotion to columnist and a higher profile on BJBSJ’s Zoinks In The Morning to be announced late on a Friday afternoon in the near future.

Sorry if *you* were offended, reader.

@SportyRMcKenzie contributed to this report.


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