Boston’s Best Sports Pubs for the Working Man

We may not have happy hour, but from historic taverns pouring brews to high-end hotel bars mixing cocktails, Boston is one of the greatest drinking cities on earth. Yet with hundreds of options, which ones are truly worth your time when you take in the game?

Durgin Park

Durgin Park will probably be around for another hundred years.

If you build it, I will come. I still go to this baseball palace a few times a week. They’re well-known for the group seating and friendly service. As you can tell, I’m a regular. Convenient limo parking in the back too. It’s a Boston institution that continues to thrive.

No. 9 Park

This is a typical local tavern where everyone knows your name. Who doesn’t love Farfalle while they watch baseball? At $27, it’s an affordable option if you’re an appliance repairman or taxi driver. The bar could use a few Sox pennants, but otherwise it’s a nice place to rub elbows with other fans of the old town team.



A hidden gem of Boston.

This place is fit for a Kennedy. Jack, Ted, and Bobby oh may God rest their souls. Jack Junior too, Jesus the tragedy. When you finish that late shift at Jordan Marsh in Downtown Crossing, head over here.

Jackie Welch’s House

Not open to the public, but a select few have been invited over on occasion. Be prepared to hear Suze give you a free MBA lecture while you take in the ballgame. She loves her husband and his good looks. Sometimes Todd English or Em Lagasse caters too. His home may be worth $15 million, but Bud Light is always on tap to remind us of our working-class roots.

A small house on Beacon Hill.


Let’s go Sox!

Is this heaven? No Danny, you’re in the seaport district. Intimate in scale, the Bar seats six, with additional seating for ten guests available at tables overlooking Congress Street. This place captures the soul of Fenway or even our city for that matter. The Chef’s Whim is only $165. I suggest drinking ice-cold Michelob instead of going with the wine pairing.

Honorable Mention:

Charlestown 99
Hilltop Steakhouse
Ground Round


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