Mediot In Focus: Alex Reimer

One word immediately comes to mind when considering Alex Reimer: Impressive.

Reimer didn’t lose his job after blackmailing a co-worker struggling with alcoholism? Reimer manages to be the least talented ‘talent’ (non Hannable-division) at a station that employs Rich Teeth? Reimer wasn’t canned after verbally attacking the 5 year old daughter of his station’s most important guest?


Alex Reimer doesn’t work for WEEI because he’s talented. Alex Reimer works at WEEI because he’ll say or write anything his overlords demand in exchange for the salary of a Rite-Aid cashier. Outlandish, irresponsible, libelous? All the better! He’s an intellectual without intellect trying to con you into believing him, a man without beliefs. He lives for the next take, another empty-vessel dummy on the air.

In Reimer’s defense, some of this isn’t his fault – you could consider him Patient Zero of Hot Takez Nation. He was a young, stupid, impressionable kid addicted to the radio, enamored with the Big Show’s Talking Radio Men. Glenn Ordway is the Catholic priest luring his victim:

Hey, kid – Wanna see my Whiney?  

Viewed through that lens, Alex is the victim and this abuse is a tragedy… Unfiltered.

Were the Whiney Awards simply a cover for an international sex trafficking ring? I’m Just Asking The Question, reader!

But to hell with victimizing Reimer, because he’d probably love it.

In an industry of worsts, Reimer is The Worst. He lives for attention, negative or otherwise. The BJBSJ Powers That Be debated whether to even address Reimer, fearing he’d love being loathed enough to have a hit piece done on him.

This hit piece wraps up by asking you to take The Reimer Pledge:

  • Don’t give him clicks. (We’ll read it so you won’t have to.)
  • If he’s on WEEI, turn the fucking station.

Reimer in print is bad, but Reimer on the radio is worse. Choosing to consume any content by Alex Reimer is the epitome of a Bad Idea: It, unprotected, sucks.

After all – when am I going to be in the New Balance Studios again?


Author: IronheadBJBSJ

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