Watching the Unwatchable, Part 1


So that’s how it began. A not so random conversation between #BJBSJ correspondents talking about Large Gym Murray and the manner in which he blocks people on Twitter who even so much as likes a Tweet that makes fun of him. It has turned into…well…this.


10 minutes of your trusty blogger watching the most uninteresting, displeasing, inaccurate drivel ever published on social media. Believe it or not, 10 minutes is actually the SHORTEST Facebook Live that the 3 Dunces have done since someone had the stupid idea to allow this to happen. So, thankfully I don’t have too much content to work with….this week.


What I do have is two clips that are the epitome of cringe and outright bullshit all rolled into one. The “topic” was about the Oscars, believe it or not. Large Gym waltzes in with his heavy jacket like he’s about to climb Mount Everest. Felger and Murray begin to rail all over how much movies this year sucked and blew.


Now this first clip will make you throw up, and will probably make Mrs. Underwood-Felger do her best Captain Kirk facepalm. Felger pretty much verbally takes off his pants and jizzes over Emma Stone. Ms. Stone I would advise a restraining order STAT.



Me too. And for this last clip, Large Gym raves about how short the Oscars were without a host, and then…….get this……….compares the OSCARS, a program seen by over 100 million people that takes over 300 people to put together, to FELGER AND MAZZ. The reach here will have your jaw fall straight to the ground.


“You’re in, you’re out, no pleasantries”

So basically this is Large Gym on all his dates:


You know, now that I think about it, that is a good description of the entire Boston sports radio conglomerate.

Well, that’s it for this week. Once again, thank Hades for the fact that this was one of their shorter Facebook Lives. I have yet to dig into the back episodes of this mess. I also have yet to read through their comment section, but that would be like asking to be pushed off the Grand Canyon with a Ginsu knife. I’m not sure whether I should put myself through that or just wait until the next episode. Pray for me. But, I’ll be watching this on a regular basis now so you don’t have to. At all.


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