Weekly Thoughts

From the desk of Skeeter Gammons:

Who gives a shit about Kyrie Murray’s handsize? Can he throw the ball and what’s the deal with Danny Ainge keeping Steven Brad in his job?

2 years for Juelz Santana? Seems crazy when you think about the disgusting Islanders chant to Tavares. Didn’t Plaxico Burress only get a year? It’s shameful.

We as a people don’t discuss politics on Twitter enough. I am also not sure why Harper chose Philly.

That Shelly Wilder is a world class talent. Between her and Karen Nolan I feel great about the sports reporters of tomorrow. Alexa, add prunes to shopping list.

Robert Kraft is half the man that Tom Warner is. Warner built a career putting wholesome programs on TV while Kraft built his off of macaroni. Disgusting.

Andy Reid is right. Overtime should be changed and Mike Cohen is pondscum and also absolutely correct and should be trusted.

Spring Training is the greatest season in the world. It reminds me of all those forgotten souls who died in The Great Molasses Flood.





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