Mediots in Focus: Toucher and Rich

98.5 The SportsHub is the number one radio station in the Boston market – an unfortunate fact, not opinion. Joe Zarbano’s wildly successful Ratings Tankapalooza over at WEEI is a big factor, but despite all logic 985 is a runaway success. How in the world does this happen month after month?

Industry experts have long agreed having a successful morning show is a key component of a profitable and popular radio station. Let’s delve into this one: BJBSJ takes a closer look at 98.5’s leadoff hitters.

Hey, guys… hey.

Toucher and Rich are the morning show for people who don’t like funny. Are they a local morning show? That depends on whether you consider Atlanta or Detroit local. Their knowledge of sports while appearing on a sports station proved problematic, so Jon Wallach was brought aboard to give The Zookeepers some local sports bonafides. Wallach is undeniably talented if being a boring object of derision is talent, but sadly his knowledge of Boston sports is as feeble as Fred’s arms are spindly.

Fred Toucher – a man whose dye job makes Futility Lou Merloni’s look good – once threatened to hire a private eye to find the mean tweeting men that make him SO MAD. A nickel’s worth of free advice for Fred: switch to decaf, double the Zoloft, and get better at your burner Twitter account game. Human slide whistle Rich Shertenlieb – WHO LOVES CAPITAL LETTERS – is emo Don Orsillo. Their competition is Mike fucking Mutnansky, which mean Touch, Rick and Bird replace Lou Gehrig as the luckiest men on the face of the Earth.

T&R’s success confirms Bishop Pickering’s wavering beliefs.

Full disclosure: I can’t stomach this show for very long. Occasionally, they’ll have a good guest like Mike Gorman, but at the end of the day, I find Toucher and Rich offensive, and it’s not offensive because I’m Jewish.

Steak and eggs!

BJBSJ Rating for TOUCHER AND RICH: 1.5 out of 5 ZOINKZ


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2 thoughts on “Mediots in Focus: Toucher and Rich

  1. I left a similar comment somewhere else on this website but I just wanted to leave it again so I know where to find it. I was a guest on the Toucher and Rich Show 3 times in their early WBCN days, not in-studio, but for 30 minute slots or so, having to do with me being a local guitar player who they and their bosses were interested in.

    I just wanted to note I appreciate this website because this is a lot of insider info. I don’t have a particular grudge against them in particular, just against the main body of the Boston media in general; the effete, condescending, cliquish style of it all. Although my bigger grudge is against Beasley in Boston, possibly some CBS/Entercom management.

    Them not promoting me was fine and dandy, but sadly it got to the point where blues jams I was frequenting IN Massachusetts were getting cartoonishly and pathetically sabotaged, and I have now for 4 years suspected that effete Boston media hot shots probably played a role in this censorship. It went on for a whole year and it completely derailed what I was doing WHEN I was doing great, these media folks are people with money and their own forum thinking they’re the Gods of Massachusetts.

    Anyways, they wouldn’t have with me as much as they did if I wasn’t good, and now I am exposing them a bit, to the BBC. It’s ongoing. I know this isn’t about sports, which is why I won’t ever post another message on this website, I just wanted to see this written on the Internet with my name next to it. This website is very informative, this is the whole crew I’ve been dealing with for a decade, but I don’t have as much PERSONALLY against the WEEI cliques, even if they’re idiots.
    But it’s a good resource, I’ll note a lot of this stuff down.

  2. I have OCD, there was a typo. I am involved with the BBC doing music stuff again on a serious level so far, although what I was doing got derailed in 2014. I won’t leave another message like this, just needed a brief forum again. Thanx.

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