Lies, More Lies, and Videotape: Is Tomase On The Move?

Boston’s Preeminent Libelist, Rollo Tomase

BJBSJ earlier reported Infamous Libelist John Tomase is considering leaving WEEI, but where is he headed? Idle speculation that the unrepentant turd would fit in nicely at the Globe alongside Kevin Cullen or with former boss Sean Leahy at The Athletic – Boston turned out to be just that: idle speculation. Who is considering A Devastating Leap of Logic to hire Rollo Tomase and sully their reputation?

BJBSJ has the answer: Multiple sources say John Tomase is actively seeking to join NBC Sports Boston in print and on-air roles, replacing most notably Evan Drellich and more recently Jorge Andres covering the Sox. Nothing has been finalized, but the two sides are actively engaged in conversation. Tomase’s desire to leave is a open secret within the walls at Entercom.

During an appearance on Mut & Callahan on February 12th, Drellich revealed he was let go by NBC Sports Boston, and Andres filled his role for a short time.

Drellich was let go by NBC Sports Boston in part due to unease within the Red Sox organization with his style of reporting, a source said. Another source suggested Drellich’s open support of Kirk Minihane and vocal criticism of the Red Sox on and off the field played a factor in his dismissal.

In hindsight, Orchids of Asia Day Spa Customer of the Month Bob Kraft should have considered the same stance with Tomase and the Herald after LieGate in 2008, but we’ve since learned Krafty Bob is always willing to roll over.

Drellich was last heard at Sinking Ship Dot Com expressing his inner anguish through the majesty of song.


Andres briefly covered Sox Spring Training in Fort Myers, however a source suggested Andres’ abysmal on-air performance along with his embellishment of close relationships with key Sox personnel made cutting ties quickly an easy decision.

WEEI Tankapalooza Captain Joe Zarbano along with Rob Bradford (First Mate of Sinking Ship Dot Com) has a real Sophie’s Choice: Do you attempt to keep Tomase? Or do you offer a larger role to Jermaine Wiggins, Blackmailing Pissant Alex Reimer, or Sexual Harrassment Enthusiast Marc James? When your bench is thinner than the arms of 985’s Adam Jones, these options are cost effective but without appeal. That said, considering Tomase’s continued presence and Minihane’s ouster, Quality is Not Job One at WEEI.

The effect of a Tomase departure would have a ripple affect across platforms, most notably on Mut and Callahan. Rob Bradford’s stable of Kindergarten level writers at DotAbomination will be further exposed.

It has to infuriate those who attempt to do honest work in media see an admitted, remorseless libelist such as John Tomase be offered refuge in the WEEI Witless Protection Program and immediately get promoted by his good friend Rob Bradford. A decade later, Rollo Tomase is reaching for the Mediot Holy Grail. If the fanz get the mediots they deserve, the Libelist might get this high profile gig that he craves.

As always, to paraphrase Chard Finn, Boston Mediots aren’t media, they’re a family.

A Crime Family.


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