Tomase To Leave WEEI?

Resident WEEI Libelist John Tomase is preparing to leave WEEI, according to industry insiders. Unbelievably, one source suggests this is Tomase’s choice to leave WEEI and not the other way around.

Speculation for Tomase’s next landing spot – and it’s only that at this point – is that he’s considering The Athletic – Boston or the Boston Globe. BJBSJ has no inside info on his ultimate destination.

It’s difficult to believe any credible media entity would consider bringing the radioactive Tomase aboard. However, a spot at the Globe makes sense after the death of MLB columnist Nick Cafardo and the Globe’s historical indifference to journalistic ethics. (Side note: a Tomase/Cullen joint project would be sure to produce some ripping yarns.)

Adding Tomase on the surface makes little sense for The Athletic, however his former Herald sports editor Sean Leahy is the Managing Editor at The Athletic – Boston. Leahy brought Steve Buckley to The Athletic from the Herald, so there is a precendent for a Tomase/Leahy reunion.

While Chard Finn is busy preparing his latest love letter to Felcher and Mazz, #BJBSJ is working to obtain videotape on Tomase walking through his decision making process. More to come as information is obtained.


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