Hot Take Time Machine: John Tomase

Today marks the one year anniversary of noted libelist John Tomase’s pathetic attempt at shit stirring and fear mongering over the Jayson Tatum / Markelle Fultz trade.

Fultz reeled off 10 points while getting his shot blocked three times and heaving up an airball. Certainly cause for seller’s remorse on the part of the Celtics.


The googly-eyed weirdo went on to call the 76ers the “trendy” pick of teams nobody wants to meet in the playoffs. As we all know, those trendy picks always live up to the hype. And they certainly did, making the Maine Red Claws work very hard in a grueling war of attrition, lasting five games.

Rollo Tomase:

You can see why this guy continues to be a hot commodity in Boston media

Jayson Tatum had 21 points in a half tonight. And Fultz?

Don’t worry, the upstanding Tomase apologized for his absurd work, as always.

No wait, he just pretended it never happened.

Did you know sloths could write?



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