Mediot In Focus: Chad Finn

By now, you’re aware Chad Finn was beaten by nearly 2 weeks on the news that Accomplished Libelist John Tomase was planning to leave WEEI for NBC Sports Boston. Finn tweeted his “scoop” yesterday and published a blog entry this morning on The Globe running with Last Month’s News Tomorrow is so perfectly Globe.


Chard promoting this “news” as a scoop isn’t surprising – after all, he calls Kevin Cullen a colleague. Finn melting down in the past 24 hours and throwing a block party is completely fair since most former subscribers have blocked the Globe from their homes. What’s laughable and vile is that the Alleged Media Columnist for the region’s largest media outlet endorses, approves, and applauds the hiring and promotion of John Tomase, a “journalist” who’s guilty of journalism’s ultimate sin. Finn is so far in the tank acting as a PR agent for his buddy, he doesn’t even mention Tomase’s libelous past still spouted as the gospel truth by many mediots. Finn’s declaration of support for Tomase is predictable because Chard Finn isn’t a media columnist, he’s a media masseuse.

Can you be a media critic without offering criticism? The truth is this: Boston doesn’t have a mainstream media critic. Finn authors thinly-veiled press releases promoting local media personalities and the outlets they appear on. The Mediot Good Ship Lollypop always sails through calm waters.

Tony Mazz? He’s not the hooked-on-moronics troll you hear on 985, he’s a great guy! (Mazz? Former Globie.)

Greg Bedard hires since-outed racist/homophobe Mike Loyko and defiantly refuses to explain how or why this happened? Crickets from our intrepid mediot watchdog. Chard was probably busy sorting ’77 Topps Red Sox cards. (Almost-A-Coach Bedard? Former Globie.)

Finn’s embarrassing long-form puff piece on 985’s Michael Felger from August 2017 should have an NC-17 warning due to strong sexual content.

Finn is complicit with idiocracy in Boston media because he’s unable, unwilling, or incapable of calling bullshit when bullshit needs to be called. He’s Dale Arnold with a blog, nothing more. SJW activists influence programming and host decisions right under Chard’s zinc-coated alabaster nose, but Daddy John Henry wouldn’t approve of a deep dive into that subject, so… nothing. Large Gym Murray wishes a caller’s child dead, but Great Guy Tony Mazz vouches for Gym? No harm, no foul. I wouldn’t expect anything more from a person who calls Cleveland Marriott Points Record Holder Dan Shaughnessy a friend. Finn is a prime example of why the Boston media is nothing more than a back-slapping cesspool filled with reach-around discharge residue.


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