The Globe thinks you will like the Red Sox more if they embarrass Bob Kraft

The Patriots have been one of the most successful sports franchises in American history and nobody is more upset about it than John Henry. For years, we’ve seen the Globe attack the Patriots for the simple reason that they have been more successful than the Red Sox. Henry and his wife, Linda Pizzuti, will stop at nothing in order to win the PR battle with Bob Kraft and the New England Patriots.

Whether it’s attacking Brady’s charitable interests, having media members like Minihane and Drellich chased off the airwaves for alleged negative coverage, telling you how woke you would be if you stopped supporting the Pats, writing columns about how “arrogant” the local football franchise is, and countless other moves in a chess match that the Patriots don’t even know they are playing in.

What is the Globe trying to accomplish here? Other media outlets have already filed the same motion. The video is either going to be released or it isn’t. I highly doubt the Globe is going to post pornographic content on their website. It sure seems like they are just exhausting every option at their disposal to continue their one-sided battle with the Patriots. It’s pretty clear the main objective is to simply embarrass Bob Kraft here, in the most shameful way imaginable.

I, for one, hope that Kraft stops turning the other cheek in situations like this. We will see on Tuesday for the Red Sox home opener.


Author: Patches

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