The Friday Night News Dump

         I had a couple of thoughts this week that I wanted to share, and I decided to call it the Friday Night News Dump. Granted it’s an op-ed and not exactly breaking news, but like with everything else having to do with the Boston sports media, it stinks. So the rest of the headline applies.

The recent eulogies on Twitter from various media ‘personalities’ for disgraced libelist* Jon Tomasi were surprising to see earlier this week, and left me wondering how the Mark Twain of Boston sports had come to his *obviously* very unfortunate and untimely demise.  

Lo and behold, I came to find out the fiction specialist hasn’t moved on from this earthly plane, he isn’t even sick… he is simply moving on from WEEI. 

So why the outpouring of support, love and respect from other supposed ‘journalists’?  

Was he suddenly & ‘unceremoniously’ terminated like what’s-his-shits was from NBCSN? Was he stepping away from “journalism” to tend to a family health issue, or dedicate his life to a charitable or otherwise noble endeavor?  

Nope, not even close… as first reported by @ironhead334, (suck it, Chad Finn) it was Tomasee’s choice. He wants out of WEEI. 

This career move should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, because all rats know when to flee a sinking ship, but that’s a story for a different day.  

So why the big stink over someone who wanted to leave one place of employment for another, and got exactly what he wanted? 

 All this vomit inducing praise for a guy with his track record got me thinking about reputations and legacies, or, more specifically his & Belichick’s reputations and legacies when it comes to the infamous retracted story of NE taping the Rams’ SB XXXVI walkthrough.  

The media are quick to tell you these allegations, whether true or not, cast a shadow over Belichick’s legacy, but why don’t they cast a shadow over the guy who made the mess to begin with? They should after all, it was Tehmasi’s error and poor judgment alone that led to him dumping a gasoline can of lies onto a structure fire that had been more or less knocked down by that point. 

The local writers can wax nostalgic all day long about the infinite joy & insight that Timohsea’s ‘unique style of writing’ has brought them over the years, but there’s no glossing over his misdeeds. Tomasei, in his own words made a ‘devastating leap of logic’ and rushed his story to print as he didn’t want someone else to beat him to it.  

Let’s not overlook that he also rushed to get this story out the day before the Patiots played the Giants in the biggest game the NFL had ever seen as they went for 19-0. The risk he took in running with that story was well worth it.  

That he rushed a half assed and unconfirmed story timed to cause maximum damage and causing irreparable harm to people’s reputations, because HE wanted to be the man to do it shouldn’t sit well with anyone, but for some reason it only further endeared him to his peers… weird, right?   

Now, I ain’t no experienced highfalutin finger wagging moral authority on these sorts of things, at least not like Chad or Peter King are. I’m relatively new to this game, but I am pretty sure that from a journalistic standpoint, what he did was incredibly reckless, unethical and irresponsible. 

Tomasii ball washers will tell you “he apologized” (he really didn’t) or he “paid the price” but from where I’m standing, it doesn’t look like he came out of the ordeal any worse for the wear. If anything, his career benefited from this debacle. 

His apology was as half assed & mealy mouthed as it gets, and professionally, he’s as valued now among his peers as anyone in the industry. This was clearly on display earlier this week when everyone was crying and moaning over someone going from one job to another… by choice.   

Do people deserve a second chance? Absolutely, and if the guy had shown an ounce of genuine remorse and if he and his peers were more forthcoming in clarifying the facts of the situation, maybe fans might have moved on, but that’s not at all what happened. 

Tomasey is as unrepentant as ever, still alleging in recent years that rampant cheating is the norm in Foxborough despite having no evidence to back this up, and despite not being welcome at Gillette Stadium. He’s not even allowed in the facility anymore, but he wants you to believe he has better sources then the guys that are ‘in the trenches’ day in & out. 

That strains credulity to say the least, but the media just chuckles and wipes his ass for him anyway, because “JOURNALISM!”  

There was no shortage of stories about the alleged walk through video leading up to Super Bowl LIII, and this is 11 years removed from the retracted story. (Pro Tip: if you use the word ‘alleged’ then there’s no need to issue an apology or retraction, and the stupid people reading your column or watching your show will believe the tape exists. Sports fans are dumb, right guys?) 

Yesterday some genius pointed out to me on Twitter that “people believe NE taped the Rams’ walkthrough” (no shit, Sherlock, that’s the problem) and the media love this. They like having this story out there because it suits so many of their narratives. It’s good for their bottom line, so why would they refute it when that clearly wouldn’t serve their interest?

If they defended the truth half as passionately as they defend each other, maybe this story would have gone away, but they don’t, and that, as they say in the industry, is a bad look.  

Long story short… if the bullshit story about the non-existent Rams walkthrough video is going to haunt Belichick’s career, then it should damn well haunt Jon Tahmahsey’s career. I for one will never forget what he did, not as long as it keeps getting brought up in regards to Belichick. 

Remember all of this when Belichick retires, and they tell you: “whether you like it or not, that allegation is a part of Belichick’s legacy.”  

Remember all of this when they refuse to hold responsible the guy who never should have run the story to begin with.  

Remember all of this when they tell you “he apologized” or “he’s paid his price” because those are just more lies on top of the lies they tell you every freakin’ day. They genuinely hate and look down on their audience… don’t believe me? listen to 5 minutes of any show on either sports talk station – the contempt they have for their audience is palpable.   

These journalists can protect each other all they want, but the facts speak for themselves, and the fact is, Jon Timacee is an unrepentant liar who at the end of the day isn’t even a decent writer. His work is the epitome of vanilla and like so many other untalented people in this market, he relies on antagonizing his audience to get a reaction.


If Tehmausie wasn’t a controversial personality (see Marck James), his peers wouldn’t give a shit about him, but the fans hate him, so he’s celebrated. He’s celebrated, because at the end of the day, this is what the Boston Sports Media is all about: “Fuck the fans.” 

One more thought about Chad Finn, the supposed Boston Globe media columnist:  

It’s sad that he’s getting scooped at this point in his career by amateurs who are only interested in breaking the balls of the local media. And by sad I mean hilarious, he deserves every second of it.  

Chad will have you believe he’s a man of the people and cares about things like ethics, or decency, but then he’ll write a glowing puff piece about Michael Fegler.  

It will start off innocent enough. “The hot takers are winning, you guys” he’ll tell you as he lures you in. He’s just like you, tired of the sensationalism, and wants to return to simpler times when all that mattered was the love of sports and simpler pleasures like collecting baseball cards.  

What he WON’T do is call a spade a spade. Chad is too busy hand washing Fegler & the Wood’s SUVs out in Wellesley to give you an honest assessment of a man who celebrated Roy Halladay’s death just to get that precious reaction from the listening audience… nice look there Chad, but hey, at least you got a sweet shout out from the Wood.  

Yikes. Happy birthday Fegler, indeed.

You’ve whitewashed Fegler’s toxic nonsense, you whitewashed Minihane’s firing from WEEI, and this week you whitewashed Tumasea’s checkered past.

Why? Because “Boston isn’t a city, it’s a family”, you guys.

*Credit again to @ironhead334 (#ootg)  


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  1. “If they defended the truth half as passionately as they defend each other, maybe this story would have gone away, but they don’t, and that, as they say in the industry, is a bad look.”

    In a great piece, that’s a terrific line.

    I would also add, if Jerry Thornton is to be believed (and no one has ever disputed his claim), EEI took steps to ensure Tomase’s failure was not mentioned by other hosts and callers. For some reason, it was more important to protect him than let him face any consequences for his actions.

    Also, Tomase’s “apology” in the Herald failed to include the words “I’m sorry” or anything approaching that sentiment. He explained how he committed journalistic malpractice, but he expressed contrition about the matter. When readers pointed this out, Tomase posted a real apology in his blog at the Herald. This never appeared in the print edition and the blog is now long gone from the internet, so good luck finding it. A coaching decision by Belichick that backfired or a poor playoff game by Brady that happened a decade ago can still be criticized and are still relevant, but, for some reason, Tomase is protected from any negativity.

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