Is Alex Reimer Even More Reptilian Than You Think?

A reasonable person could conclude beyond any shadow of a doubt that WEEI Blackmail & Child Defamation Specialist Alex Reimer is incapable of shame.

It seems that there are some details regarding previous misdeeds that make him and station management uncomfortable.

Last year, Reimer did not respond then blocked previously open DMs when asked by BJBSJ for comment after a source informed us his WEEI suspension was a sham.

Reimer apologized, but you won’t believe this: the apology seems to have been insincere. Here’s a post from his (previously) open Instagram from 3/9/19:

Exposed and embarrassed again, Reimer responded by locking his Instagram account.

It’s difficult to believe this paragon of virtue may be involved in another ethical scandal, but BJBSJ is Just Asking The Question: Does “Noted Plagiarist” need be added to growing list of Reimer Dishonorifics?

On April 2nd, @tinpickle used a unique phrase responding to a Reimer tweet:

Less than 48 hours later, Reimer used a similarly unique phrasing in a tweet:

While Chard Finn is re-sorting his Donruss Rated Rookies by fWAR, BJBSJ is digging: Is there a Pattern Of Behavior of Reimer borrowing the intellectual property of others? Alex claims to be open and welcome ofexplosive debate, unless it involves him. In his Twitter header, Reimer asks you to send a “hello” to

Last Thursday, I did:

Saying “Hi”

Ironhead BJBSJ <>
Thu, Apr 4, 12:23 PM (5 days ago)



Your Twitter bio asks people to say hi, so I’m here to say hi, and to ask a question:

Can you please explain what happened here, using nearly the same rather unique phrase a mere day-and-a-half after it was tweeted at you?

You described yourself today as “a self-proclaimed vigilante for truth and justice”, and I share those sentiments. Can you please explain what happened in this case? Research suggests this is the latest in a pattern of borrowing words, phrases, and thoughts of others without attribution or credit.

BJBSJ would welcome a response and will quote you accurately and in context.

A Fellow Media Columnist

It’s been five days without a response. Is this delay indicative of shame? Is this the (in)action of someone who’s done nothing wrong, or is it just the tip of the iceberg that took down Titanic asshole Ron Borges?

Stay tuned.


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