More Shuffling of The Deck Chairs at WEEI?

The weekday lineup at WEEI? If you think you hate it now, wait until you hear this:

Sources tell BJBSJ that Sinking Ship dot com Captain Joe Zarbano is looking to add 2 current Globies to the on-air staff at WEEI, and I’m having a difficult time stifling my laughter at this one:

If Mittens Wearing Dullard Ben Volin is the answer, then the question must be “How quickly can Joe Zarbano ram his craft repeatedly into that iceberg?”

The other Globie Zarbano is looking to bring aboard? That would be Thesaurus Enthusiast Chris Gasper, who is as unremarkable as Mittens is dumb. A source suggests Mittens would rotate between weekday shows, while Gasper would be looking at a regular, permanent position on air. This suggests the unlamented Dale and Teeth pairing may not be long for this world, and other hosts may be swapped around like Titanic deck chairs in the weeks ahead. BJBSJ is following this story and will update as more news becomes available.

While Charred Finn is ironing and folding Mike Felcher’s warming napkins, we’re working to have it first. Again.


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4 thoughts on “More Shuffling of The Deck Chairs at WEEI?

  1. to be fair with the iceberg analogy, i don’t think they’ve tried hitting it from behind yet so this oughtta take care of that angle.

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