Entercom Has Concerns About BJBSJ’s Influence

Earlier this week, BJBSJ broke the news (first, again) of 985’s drubbing WEEI in the Arbitron Winter Ratings Book. This caused somewhat of a stir at Sinking Ship dot com, a vessel spouting more leaks than the Iraqi Navy.

Entercom has previously instructed on-air staff to not engage with Twitter accounts affiliated with #The15 at BJBSJ, and now sources in the building confirm management is concerned that the amount of traffic they are seeing to our website from devices on their network will undermine morale at the station.

In the Entercom world, it’s not the continuously shitty programming decisions (getting in the Rich Teeth business, AM Drive Mut, the inexplicable presence of a Blackmailing, Plagiarizing Pissant, Dale and Ordway’s love for tapioca pudding) that’s causing morale issues, but the reporting and criticism of these shitty decisions by someone not named Chard Finn that’s the issue. Anyone that believes Mittens Volin and Thesaurus Enthusiast Devotee Aficionado Gasper will salve the wounds created by Joe Zarbano using his own foot for target practice demonstrates a Bledsoe-ian level of decision making. Evidently, there aren’t any mirrors at Entercom.

At BJBSJ, we’re seeing dozens of new Twitter followers with joining dates of April 2019 since the Winter Book revelations, so I’m Just Asking The Question: Does the EEI have a gaggle of insecure Burner Brigades that management is keeping in the dark?

Tomorrow, discussions begin in earnest for potential lineup changes at WEEI. (https://bjbsjournal.com/2019/04/17/shuffling-the-deck-chairs-at-weei/)

While Chard Finn prepares Tony Mazz’s bath, we’ll be working to get you the latest news. Again.


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  1. Is it a salve or a balm? If it was a balm you have to let the doctor put the balm on. You can’t put the balm on.

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