As The Mediots Turn: Turmoil at WEEI Continues

Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but apparently there’s turmoil at WEEI.

Here’s what BJBSJ has learned today:

BJBSJ reported previously that Boston Globe mediots Ben “Mittens” Volin and Chris Gasper have been approached by WEEI, and they’re the two names favored by Iceberg Slalom Contestant Joe Zarbano.

Zarbano will not make the final call on any potential moves. Mark Hannon will have final say, per source. Another source says Zarbano had fallen out of favor with Hannon, but Zarbano’s relentless ass kissing is winning Hannon over and could save his hide.

Some other names that were discussed are no-brainer, kick the tires types. But others are incomprehensible:

  • NBCSN Boston’s Tom Curran
  • Ringer/ESPN’s Ryen Russillo
  • Recently Unemployed Misogyny Expert Dan Sileo
  • Sexual Harrassment Enthusiast Marc James
  • Jermaine Wiggins
  • Pissant
  • Andy Gresh (yes, that Andy Gresh)

Eddie Andelman and Upton Bell were unavailable for comment.

While Charred Finn continues to whine to colleagues about being burned by BJBSJ, we’re working to provide continuing coverage of 93.7’s Nightmare Ratings Book.


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1 thought on “As The Mediots Turn: Turmoil at WEEI Continues

  1. Zero chance it’s Pissant. There aren’t many people in the radio business secure enough in their position to pick that hill for a once-great station to die on. Also cross out any legit sports guys. As long as it’s with Mut and Gerry, they don’t want to talk sports at all and they’ll mock anyone who does and guide the conversation back to the internal soap opera, e.g: How Dale responded to Gerry’s tweet about what Gilroy said about the picture Mut posted in response to Keefe’s Facebook message. My God, what has happened to this station?

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