How to help WEEI be better? Some Thoughts

I hope you all enjoyed hearing our own @Ironhead334 on Episode 18 of the Minifan Show. (If you haven’t heard, do give it a listen. We will wait.)

Ep 18 of the ⁦@minifanshow⁩ with our guest ⁦@Ironhead334. Topics discussed: ⁩

—the news he’s broken
—wtf is BJBSJ
—his hatred of Reimer
—his son, ⁦@GlobeChadFinn
—⁦@WEEI⁩ rumors
—the future of sports media, & much more— MHB (@MarkHannonballs) April 29, 2019

Minifans. Possibly,

Some listeners, however, found it less enjoyable;

Ironhead is the classic troll. Rips everyone on the radio but when asked what he would do differently to improve the on-air product, he says “just be better.” That’s the kind of direction that gets you places.— pv (@pv1224) April 29, 2019

Well fine there; Here are some personnel suggestions for fixing poor foundering WEEI, so it can stop getting tripled up in the ratings worse than (pornographic actress name goes here – Search from work computer inadvisable), republished and repurposed with minor changes from the Archives of the Boston Sports Media Watch Message Board. Originally posted in response to a March 2010 post on concerning how can the then-fledgling Sports Hub take on and compete with the local leviathan WEEI.

by Friend of BJBSJ Callahardfoul:

Here’s a look at names that would draw very good attention:

Bob Neumeier — He was loved by radio listeners back at 850. No question he’d return legitimacy to WEEI. He could name his time slot and it would do well.

Ron Borges — Say what you want about the anti-Belicheckisms, he knows football cold. He’s forgotten more things than the current beat guys know.

Doug Flutie – The guy is a lightning rod for little people issues. You want to call someone a midget, get ready for an argument.

Aaron Sele – The master of controversy. The guy could get Switzerland to take sides.

Mickey Curley – College hoops is as hot as ever, and this guy has absolutely nothing going on in his life whatsoever and is always available. He played hoops.

Nancy Kerrigan – Think you know all there is to know about women’s figure skating during the three year hiatus between Winter Olympics? Think again h-mo.

Bill Simmons – The guy knows the NBA like the back of another man’s arse. Don’t let the prepubescent confused twelve-year old at summer camp’s voice fool you, this guy loves writing about MTV.

Jody Reed – A virtual powderkeg of explosive inside information regarding the steroid era and how to avoid involvement in it at all costs, including his livelihood.

Ted Johnson – Mr. Concussion. One minute he is telling you how to read an offensive play out of the 3-4 defense, the next he’s pontificating on how the earth is spinning out of control towards the Sun.

Thanks again to Callahardfoul, and BSMW Archivist ‘Major Intangibles.’


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