Clearing Out the Sports Junk Drawer Column

Emptying out the ol’ Sports Bowels of Takez:

Fenway Park: Underrated and so good! So good!

I don’t remember if anything like that thing that happened at the Kentucky Derby ever happened at a Kentucky Derby before. Weird!

Celtics sure could use a win tonight.

I don’t think Tom Brady cares if sportswriters, or anyone else, thinks he dresses funny sometimes. It’s like Hemingway wrote: the rich are different from you and me.

Have you been made aware that MGM has recently opened a Casino in Springfield, Massachusetts? They did!

The Boo Hoo Tuukka Crew: are they crying because he’s good? How does that work?

Mike Lynch is retiring again? OK.

I’m still avoiding spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War.

It’s finally starting to feel like baseball weather.

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but your Boston Red Sox are now a mere one game below .500. Only in baseball, Danny.

And also, the resurgent Red Sox have scored 175 runs, and had 175 runs scored against them. As Peter Kng would say; that’s quite a streak.

Mike Eruzione, a great guy, yet reclusive. We need to see him more!

Does Scott Zolak think Yodny and Hjalte are as weird first names as are N’Keal and Joejuan? Just askin’.

That Jeopardy multi-day champion guy sure seems smart, doesn’t he?

You can’t prove some other Bruins skater wouldn’t have scored had Pastrnak and/or Bergeron been rightly benched. At all.

I’m starting to think The Boston Globe has an unhealthy obsession with Robert Kraft’s Bob Johnson.

If Eddie Andelman *really* was on the Twitter, he 1. would call it ‘the Twitter’ and 2. would have a verified blue checkmark.

‘Figawi’ is a funny word.

22 players on a football field. 22 years since Boston University last fielded a gridiron squad. Coincidence? All signs point to ‘yes’.

It’s always good to see old friends connect through new technology. Like Upton Bell and @BootlegBarnicle.

I really don’t know what to make of that Women’s Hockey situation. Or is it Ladies’ Hockey? See? I just don’t know!

Fancred? What the hell is that?

What wacky bits will Toucher and Rich think of next? Beantown is blessed with these comedic geniuses from Atlanta. Somebody get me a doctor, I just drove off the road!

Dogs sure seem to enjoy rare roast beef. I know!

I hear that Tuukka doesn’t want to steal a game because he’s worried that would lead to his arrest and deportation.

Only dummies, incels or both care about ketchup, but know this; Hunt’s is actually better than Heinz.

Which World Series, exactly, was Greg Bedard waiting to conclude before releasing the report of his ‘aggressive investigation’ into BSJ’s Mike Loyko’s racist tweets?

Say what you will about declining a White House visit, and there will be someone who disagrees with what you say. America, right?

Honk if you remember NECCO Wafers.


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