Country 937 Plays The Hits!

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From our good friend Chico Walker, here’s a song that is sure to be played on #Country937 in the coming weeks: A BOY NAMED LOU


When 985 went on the air

They needed someone with Felger to pair

Would they poach our guys? What would we have to do?
So we looked at the “talent” and what we did

Was we made a foolish, too generous bid
And we signed ourselves a guy named Lou

Soon he was on with Mut, and holy shit

They didn’t work together – no, not one bit

It was awful, worse than a morning zoo

Knew nothing about sports, it was all a sham

Only thing he seemed to do was to keep sayin’ “damn”

Them’s the breaks when you have a guy named Lou

So we scraped up Fauria, recycled Big O

Put ’em all together – there, that’s a show!

Won’t win their spot but certainly should be 2

But it turns out three morons yellin’ over each other

Isn’t worth the average listener’s bother

6th in afternoon drive’s what you get with a guy named Lou

So, the writing’s on the wall and we have to concede

As ad revenue continues to bleed

A country format’s what we’d change into

But we’ve got contracts with most of our jocks

So for country DJs now – these are locks

Wiggy! Mustard! Neumie! Anyone but Lou…


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