More Boston Sports Radio Sneak Previews!

Old Friend and BJBSJ Contributor Callahardfoul has another batch of proposed and/or upcoming Boston Sports Radio programs from his mooooles at both stations. (Unless there’s a, er, format change at a station to remain nameless.) So without further ado:

If you thought radio was good now, you’ll LOVE some of the new shows on the horizon:

The Coin Flip Hour – Danny “Opposite Day” Lifshatz is hitting you with winners and losers at a rate that would make Teddy Ballgame in ’47 or whatever year blush. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and your heart will absolutely burst over your money siding with Insider Danny. As an extra bonus, you get access to all the coolest rumors and predictions immediately after they happen. State of the art stuff.

Huntin’ Rabbits – Nobody is safe when Matty Framingham and Celtics legend Bob Cousy lend their dulcet tones to letting you know the real score. Every loser is exposed on this program, including the November 2018 Patriots and the ’69 Celtics.

Manny and Jack – Former (*cough cough*) slugger Manny Ramirez and his traveling octogenarian buddy Jack really go inside baseball to tell the tales way behind the walls of the locker room. If Jack is dead it’ll just be Manny.

Order Up – There’s a lady in the house. One of New England’s most vocal dining and sports aficionados explores the tender gender’s take on the Boston Sports teams, as well as light and sometimes heavy BDSM on her “sub” pal Jerry. This one is rated M for mature as Jerry is subjected to some serious torture, including the lady’s Duck L’Orange and audio of his stand up audience.

John Dennis – At this point we just need to see if anyone can be worse than Dale and Keefe.

Donruss and Marconi’s – Chad Finn taking your calls on all things Boston Sports Media, from what Felger said, to what he could have said that would be even smarter. You like being regaled with stories about how decent the men are of Felger and Mazz are when they AREN’T wishing death upon their callers? Also, a daily reading of Beckett Monthly alphabetically.

The End is Near – Boston legends Jackie the Cock and Bobby Snickertooth forecast the losses in the Patriots schedule for the next 4 years. Special guest Pete King thinks out loud about the most surprising games on the schedule, including six (6???) games against the AFC East in 2021.

Kendrick Perkins self titled berating Weird Celtics Twitter hour – If you say Smarf in 2019 he finds you.

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