Clearing Out The Sports Junk Drawer 05/20/19

(Spoiler alert – contains references to Game of Thrones plot points. )

That was easily the most satisfying HBO series finale since ‘Arli$$’.

The last time I saw a throne melted with that much hot fire it was Marc Bertrand after the atomic wings in the double wide Gillette Stadium handicapped stall.

And Cersei and Jaime were buried under fewer bricks than in an Alex Reimer shoot around.

It’s a good thing all the ‘Bob Kraft should plead guilty’ people are incapable of feeling shame.

So we’re taking shots at the local franchise with the most championship banners because they had the poor form to not reach their finals and deny us a ‘Boston Slam’? C’mon man.

Maybe the flat Earth thing should have been a red flag about Kyrie. (shrug)

Pastrnak is a good kid.

Man, if I followed soccer I would have thoughts about Bruce Arena and the NE Revolution.

This Chavis kid is angling for his own plaque at Fenway Park!

Tuukka Rask: 2 U’s, 2 K’s, 22 whiskers.

So the horse that was interfered with at the Kentucky Derby then goes and wins the Preakness? Only in horse racing, Danny.

That Camille Kostek; she’s got a shape to her.

I sometimes wonder if Pro Football Focus is just making up their grading numbers.

I’m glad there are people on Twitter who will assist me in remembering which sports Final/Finals is singular and which is plural, the NBA or the NHL.

I sometimes wonder what Pac would have thought about Bron.

Andy Hart? Really?

I hope the Bruins get exactly enough rest.

A little birdie told me that Bobby Ryan has switched from Welch’s to Smuckers for his toothpaste. Seems legit.

Color me reactionary, but I think they have to change the admission rules for the Patriots Hall of Fame.

Some company somewhere is making replacement parts for duckboats, right?

We’re touched that other fans think the Patriots are exclusively responsible for the imbalance of power in the AFC East, but those franchises being clownshows off the field plays a sizable part, too.

Wait; Wahlburgers? It’s a play on words! I get it!

People who live or die during every at-bat during May baseball deserve their self-inflicted misery.

Honk if you remember The Penalty Box.


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