These Are The Good Old Days, Enjoy Them While You Can

18 months.

For the last 18 years, the city of Boston has had on average, one championship parade every 18 months between the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics & Bruins.

Now, thanks to the Bruins’ recent sweep of the Hurricanes, we have seen on average, one championship appearance per year in the same amount of time:

9 for the Pats, 4 for the Sox, 3 for the Bruins and 2 for the Celtics.

12 titles and 18 championship appearances in 18 years is nothing short of absurd, not to mention there have been 28 appearances in the respective conference / league championships which works out to about one every 8 months. (It’s actually a little MORE frequent if you can believe it, the math works out to less than 7 months & 3 weeks, but the larger point stands: we’re spoiled AF)

This level of contention is ridiculous and it will not last forever. 

If you’re a Boston sports fan, you would be wise to take stock of and appreciate this moment for what it is. (Hardcore Celtics fans get a pass right now… tough year, guys)

If you spend your time letting the local sports talk tell you how dumb you are for enjoying this, you are doing yourself a tremendous injustice. No other fan base has experienced what we have over the last 18 years, so why let such intentionally toxic & blatantly condescending assholes like Fegler, Postman Callahan or any of the other circus clowns tell you what your opinions should be? 

Look, if listening to b, c and d list personalities undermine this success makes you feel good, go for yours. There are all sorts of weird fetishes out there, so who cares if people like being spoken down to & made to feel stupid, right? If golden showers are your thing, have at it.

Personally, I don’t hate myself enough to tune in. We have it too damn good to let awful people gaslight us into thinking this isn’t good enough or we should have it better. Objective criticism is fine, but 98.5, WEEI, NBCSNBoston (or whatever they call themselves nowadays) aren’t bringing objective criticism to the table. What they are bringing is endless negativity choking the enjoyment out of something that’s supposed to be entertaining, and yes, enjoyable (at least when they win at the rate we’ve seen).

Sorree, it’s just not my thing.

We are fortunate fans here. The owners of all 4 teams are motivated to win titles and, as Cam Neely said when the Bs raised the banner in the fall of 2011, give their teams the “resources” to pursue those titles.


Pay Me Principal Skinner GIF

With this in mind, it’s reasonable to think there are more successes to be had with these teams, but don’t let the desire for that next title, or the lament for the titles they haven’t won overshadow the unprecedented success we’ve witnessed here since 2001.

While it still could get better for us (LFG, Bruins), I’m hard pressed to see how any other city will have as good a 20 year run involving all 4 of their teams as Boston is still in the midst of. Never say never, but I would be shocked to see this replicated.

Sports fans from other cities hate us, and rightfully so. Some will go their entire lives without seeing a fraction of the success we have and in such a short amount of time to boot. Truth be told, there are times when the hot takers & their fans have me hating Boston too, but like Mittens Volin said about Bill Belichick, “You can’t let [them] win.”  

A couple of years ago, the baseball old timers were waxing nostalgic for the Impossible Dream Team of 1967 – a Red Sox team that unexpectedly had a great run to the World Series… that they lost. It was the greatest thing to happen to the Red Sox in decades.

Think about that: One World Series APPEARANCE stands out as the signature moment in several decades worth of baseball in this town.

If that doesn’t put these last 18 years in perspective for you, I don’t know that anything will.

If I’m lucky enough to live into my 70’s or 80’s, I have little doubt that when discussing sports at that age, these will be the good old days that I pine for. I don’t know how common it is to recognize something like this while it’s still going on, but I think that if I didn’t appreciate this moment while I was in it, 80 year old me would look back at 2019 me, and shake my head at how stupid I was for not realizing what was going on around me at the time.

Turn off your radios, people… what we have going on here is damn special and once it’s gone it will be gone forever.



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  1. Turned the radio off back when that pushed assholes like Mustard on us and touted him as credible. Now we can’t watch tv because of the likes of Mazz, Felger, Trenni and ESPN

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