Mediot Comings and Goings, and Why Did WEEI Hire Andy Hart?

BJBSJ has learned through multiple sources that Evan Drellich, formerly of NBC Sports Boston and WEEI, will be joining The Athletic New York.   Andy Hart wishes you ‘Bon Voyage’ from the stern of Sinking Ship Dot Com!

Drellich was Entercom’s first choice to add to WEEI’s roster in a prominent on-air and website role that ultimately was filled by Andy Hart.   However, BJBSJ has learned Hart was not even WEEI’s second choice.

Entercom’s second choice?  That was be Thesaurus Aficionado Chris Gasper, as BJBSJ previously reported.  Putting aside the question of who the hell has ever wanted Chris Gasper’s opinion on anything? for a moment, Entercom’s push for Gasper failed largely due to money.  He’ll be staying at The Globe and 985. 

Let’s circle back to Andy Hart:  Hart was at least the third person approached by Entercom for a hybrid web/on-air role.  Putting aside his professed love of country music, why would WEEI bring Dumbo aboard in any role other than as a block-headed anvil on the forward deck of  

The answer is surprisingly simple:  EEI powers that be hear social media noise and felt they had to do something.  Unsurpringly, Dumbo is willing to work for peanuts (see Hannable, Ryan and Pissant, Blackmailing).   Additionally, downloads of WEEI podcasts are down more than 50% and they’re praying Hart (late of the PFW podcasts) will help repair more iceberg damage to yet another EEI platform.

Don’t just stand there, Dumbo – get some glue!

While Charred Finn asks Sara Underwood how much starch Mr. Felcher likes in his warming napkins, BJBSJ has your media news first.  Again.


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3 thoughts on “Mediot Comings and Goings, and Why Did WEEI Hire Andy Hart?

  1. wow, so on point. as a 15 year listener of weei. its sad to see how much management has messed up a good thing.

  2. This is a good website. I have had problems have a guest on T&R 3 times for music in their old days, and not them particularly, but people from their general direction were sabotaging my music performances for a whole fucking year in Massachusetts. .
    Not them per se, but people in these sorts Boston media cliques. The Boston media is definitely crooked, well, a large portion of it, no respect for music tradition because they rigged a blues jam, silly….

    I’ve gotten the BBC involved a bit, but I am glad to get this inside media info at this point in time

    1. I WAS a guest on T&R I meant, was on their show. They’re douchebags,

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