WEEI Sacks Dan Sileo

Dan Sileo was scheduled to be on WEEI from 3-6 today, even promoting his appearance on their app earlier today.  Ever reactive instead of proactive – and evidently plagiarizing Almost-An-HR Rep Greg Bedard’s hiring and vetting processes – WEEI has sacked Sileo from the schedule.

Let’s just say BIG SILZ – as he loves to refer to himself – has a questionable history on social media.   Former Globie Hilary Sargent tweeted an excellent synopsis of Sileo’s online history earlier today:

SinkingShip.com’s “leadership” (Zarbano, Hannon, Mike Dee) is constantly making terrible decisions:  Keefe, OMF, Hart, etc., but bringing Sileo aboard is next-level malfeasance on the part of Entercom.   Will the incestuous cesspool of Boston sports media attempt to bury this too?  Will Charred Finn step up?

We’ll stay on it. 


Author: IronheadBJBSJ

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