Cleaning out the Sports Junk Drawer 5/29

Emptying out the sports drip tray..

Really though; didn’t Memorial Day feel like a Sunday?

I think Peter Gammons broke into the applejack stores a little in advance of the holiday.

So Bill Buckner died on Memorial Day? Only in baseball, Danny.

Speaking of the ’86 Red Sox, I don’t remember everyone saying they forgave Calvin Schiraldi after he died.

Less Drake, more Josh. Amirite?

Bruins shook off the sleepies in Game One.

I bet Mike Jastremski is a better ballplayer than John Henry Williams was. No disrespect.

Cakes are cookin’ today for Brent Musberger and Zola Budd.

News Item: Friendly’s Ice Cream co-founder Curtis Blake dies at age 102. Is survived by older brother Pres, 104.

Dan Sileo looks like he smells bad. Like Charles Pierce, but a different bad smell.

I’m no expert on the subject, but I’m quite certain based solely the billboard advertisements that fireworks are now legal in Massachusetts. No further research is needed.

I hope N’Keal Harry told Tom Brady how disappointed with him that he wasn’t at OTA’s when they met and Tom threw passes to the Patriots rookie.

Gosh darn it ABC; I’m still not sure which one was Whiskey, and which one was Cavalier!

You don’t need cartilage in your knee to be an unnamed clubhouse source, Dustin Pedroia.

Native Ontarian Dr. Naismith would probably be ok with a Toronto squad of cagers winning an NBA title. But not me.

Ellen Barkin, you still got it kid.

Good job, good effort Boston College Women’s Lacrosse.

When is Marty Walsh going to announce he’s running for President?

Who thinks the Kansas City Chiefs will take the proper lesson from having their proposed rule change rebuffed by the League? Yeah, me neither.

My chihuahua doesn’t think he’s small, he’s just far away.

Narragansett Beer no longer brewing their Summertime Citra Ale is so #RItypical.

Carter Stewart clearly plans to be Big In Japan.

Walk without rhythm; and it won’t attract the worm.

You can have The Dropkick Murphy’s. I’ll take Madness.

You didn’t hear it from me, but there’s a brisk secondary market online for jarts.

Honk if you remember The Ground Round


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