Is Lou Merloni homophobic? I’m just asking the question, caller.

You may remember Lou from your little league baseball trip to McCoy Stadium. Now he is the co-host of a radio show on WEEI, which you also may know from actively avoiding it.

Lou’s shtick is that he gets really angry about the local baseball team. Last night, Lou tweeted out the above to show how upset he was about one of the pitchers on the team. “Gay Chris friggan Sale.” Some might find that problematic, but it’s all good, though. Lou says it was just autocorrect.

So let’s do a little experiment. As you can see above, Lou tweeted this with an iPhone. Luckily I’m also typing this on an iPhone, so this just might work. I will now type out many variations of “that,” which is the word Lou was claiming to be using, and let’s see if I get “gay” to be autocorrected in.

Here we go:

That that ghat that that that that ghat ggat that that that that Just khan that that what what gate that bust uhat that that that they hurt that chat that phat ghat gray gsat fury that what shat that Catt baby that uhat garb gate ghut Hawthorne that bust Bhagwan must Khartoum that that’s what host chat chat shag what that baby uhat just that that that what shat that must mhar last last what that uhat phat what last that chat chat chat hgat jhzat had that that ghat what that

It seems odd that Lou got it on the first try. The only way I can get autocorrect to come out as “gay” is when I try to type “gay.” I’m at a loss for words here because I want to believe Lou. I went searching for theories and I found this one:

So is Lou Merloni tossing around the word “gay” so often that his autocorrect is trained to use it as a go to replacement? Or did he actually mean to call Chris Sale “gay” because he didn’t perform up to his expectations last night?

Either way, it’s a bad look.


Author: Patches

1 thought on “Is Lou Merloni homophobic? I’m just asking the question, caller.

  1. Also, it was such a “mistake” that he pounded his chest for an extended period of time about how he wasn’t going to delete it… until his menchies were on fire.

    But yeah, mistake.

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